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Do you find doing lots of practise exam papers before the exam useful or not.

Posted: 22-01-13 20:59 by Former Member

yes !!! Very usefull! it helps me get an idea of what kind of questions are likely to come up in the exam. Also it helps me get the hang of answering exam type questions and gets me prepared for the real exam.

Posted: 22-01-13 22:04 by kwaku

definetly.. coz its tells ur weaknesses and strengths.. plus u can practise the style of question and get better and better at them..

Posted: 23-01-13 17:40 by ? Secret - Team GR

yeah very useful, sometimes the only revision i do the week before my exam is past papers, as it gets you used to the types of questions that come up and puts your revision of the theory in to practice

Posted: 23-01-13 17:55 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

Very useful! But the day before the exam, just go over notes, otherwise you'll just overload and stress out. Do all the exam papers you can, then just over key notes the day before.

Posted: 23-01-13 18:34 by Joanne

They can be useful, but not useful when you have the exam paper in front of you with completley different questions you never seen before. But yeah, they are very useful!!

Posted: 24-01-13 22:17 by halimah