Powers of Arrest

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An arresting officer can only arrest if he has REASONABLE grounds for believing that it is necessary to make the arrest for one of the following reasons

-To make sure the person's name or address can be found

-To stop the person from

causing physical injury to himself or others

suffering physical injury

committing an offence against public decency

Which SECTION of PACE sets out the powers of the police to arrest suspects?

Posted: 17-05-09 22:10 by chaz

Section 24 of PACE sets out the powers of police to arrest suspects

-they may arrest any1 they blieve is bout to comit an offence

-anyone who HAS comited an offence

-anyone who is guilty of an offence

they can only arrest if they have reasonable grounds to do so

Posted: 18-05-09 14:18 by Smokey