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I thought we could use this discussion to try and help out with any problems anyone is having. Don't be shy of posting - there's never one person alone who doesn't understand something in this subject!

Maria :-)

Posted: 08-01-10 21:38 by Maria

What is New Left Realism / New Right Realism?

No matter how many times i read over my notes, it never makes any sense, its so frustrating! :(

Help is much appreciated :)

- Julia **

Posted: 13-01-10 18:25 by Julia

Aha! I had exactly the same problem as you a few weeks ago.

New right realism (Also called New right / Right Realism) is a school of thought which focuses on the moral decline of society. They value tradition and believe that many of society's problems are a result of the decline in traditional values and morals. Solutions to society's problems rely on a return to such values and morals. So, their view on crime is that people rely on the welfare state too much and will rather supplement their income with crime instead of work, many single parent families fail to pass on society's morals and so the children of these families will commit crimes because they don't know it's wrong. Solutions to the problem of crime include rolling back the welfare state so people have to work and placing more hurdles infront of divorce so that families are more likely to stay together. Right realists basically believe in law and order controlling society rigidly. Look up the theory of broken windows - that is a good example of right realist beliefs.

New left realism (New left / Left realism) takes almost the opposite approch. They believe that society causes its own problems and the only way to solve these problems lies within improving conditions. Crime, for example, is seen as a result of marginalisation and relative deprivation. People don't choose to commit crimes, but rather are pushed into it to relieve the feelings of deprivation. To solve this problem, improvements in society have to be made. So, better housing, leisure facilities etc. will relieve the feelinings of relative deprivation and marginalisation and less crime will be committed.

This is a pretty good website:

Hope it helps :-)

Posted: 14-01-10 08:17 by Maria

No problem at all :-) I take it you're doing the exam tomorrow too? If so, good luck! I'm sure you'll be awesome :-D ***

Posted: 17-06-10 17:10 by Maria

i need help anyone my sociology As exam on the 14 of January ..I am freaking out and panicing right now . I am having problems in structuring my essay answers.Help Please

Posted: 01-01-11 23:30 by melissa

Yeah, kinda the same here, trying to get to grips with all I need to know, still need to know the sociologists involved and essay structures are just not my thing, so if you could send some theorists (Sociologists) that would be helpful and tips on structuring a really good A1 essay.



Posted: 03-01-11 20:35 by A

what is state crime & green crime? can't seem to get my head around them :( thanks! **

Posted: 19-01-11 13:42 by rhiannon tapsell

got the sociolgoy unit 3 exam 2moro...........wish me luck **

Posted: 20-01-11 10:40 by Asha Akhtar

I have to write an essay on how effective situational crime prevention is in preventing crime (for crime and deviance). I'm really struggling with it, I don't know what I'm supposed to write about. If anyone could help me out i would greatly appriciate it. Thank you so much.

Posted: 30-03-11 15:13 by Kate

Hey i have an essay to write about whether sociology can be classed as a science and I have written in my notes the name Billing yet looking through a revision book I can't find any of his theories and there isn't anything about him written in my notes anyone help? 

Posted: 10-04-11 17:01 by Hannah

Hey can you post some stuff on SY2- mass media please?!

Posted: 18-04-11 13:35 by Romina

How can i revise when none of the methods im using are working :/

Posted: 26-04-11 18:28 by Rohma Malik

Is anyone at all doing global development for AQA my teacher is useless and i can't find any resources any thoughts or websites people know of?

Posted: 26-04-11 19:23 by Sarah

anyone got any good notes on families and households and education and research methods (im re taking unit 1- got a U :/ ha)

anything would be helpfull :)

Posted: 30-04-11 14:50 by nikki

I can't remember any sociologist or their research! :S

Posted: 05-05-11 14:57 by alex