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I don't know what to do after sixth form! I am taking biolody, chemistry, maths, music and general studies AS and hoping to get at least C in all of them. I would perhaps like to do some kind of scientific research. (I know of somewhere wher you can do  apprenticeships and have a possible college). Does anyone have any ideas?

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Posted: 18-02-13 13:02 by Hannah

If possible another thing I'd suggest would be maybe doing some work experience in a lab. That way you can experience what scientific research is like before you leave sixth form.

Hope this helped!

Posted: 19-02-13 22:19 by ceegee

I was going to but we only had a week to sort out work experience this year! I did do work experience at the vets in year 10 and I liked the scientific side of that!

Posted: 20-02-13 18:45 by Hannah

My sixth form allows us to do work placements during our free time, could you ask to do that?

Posted: 23-02-13 15:22 by ceegee