Possible questions for OCR GCE A2 English Lit. exam on Dr Faustus compared with The Pardoners tale and Twelfth Night

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Just wondering who else is doing the OCR GCE A2 English Lit. exam on Dr Faustus compared with The Pardoners tale and Twelfth Night and what questions you reckon will come up. Also how is revision going?

Posted Fri 20th May, 2011 @ 22:03 by Hannah

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oh that's funny i'm doing exactly that exam but we're just comparing faustus and the pardoner's tale not twelfth night. i wonder if we're meant to. worrying about it a bit tbh. our teacher made us all panic because she told us in our practice essays that we weren't referring to the actual tale enough in the pardoner's tale. then she started talking about how some teachers were saying that when the specification said "the pardoner's prologue and tale" it was a typo and it was just the tale we should study- after we'd worried and stressed and moaned a bit (cos we've been mostly comparing the characters of Faustus and the pardoner and most of that material is in his prologue) then she said that the safest thing to do was to refer to both fully. i was wondering if anyone had this problem. 

not really sure what could come up- the past questions are so varied but the list of themes i've been told to revise is- power and corruption, the divided nature of man, knowledge and ignorance, pride, individualism, reason and passion, disquise and deception, ambition, good and evil, choices and consequences, success and failure, the meaning of life, the idea of hell, journeys, aggression, greed, contemporary comments, novelty and tradition..... so i reckon they're pretty varied- we get a choice of about 5 as far as a know. revision, as you can see is going slooooowwlyyy... good luck! 

Answered Sat 21st May, 2011 @ 13:09 by Sally
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Sorry I didnt mean to confuse you I mean im comparing Dr Fautus with pardoners then in the drama section(section a?) doing Twelfth Night. Thanks for your reply :) what play are you doing for the dram section? xxxx

Answered Sun 22nd May, 2011 @ 12:49 by Hannah
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ah i see. phew! doing othello for that bit :) x

Answered Sun 22nd May, 2011 @ 13:28 by Sally
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I'm doing that next year, is it good? :)

Answered Wed 21st March, 2012 @ 15:52 by misshapenskies