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Hey everyone!

I thought as the first forum, we could make a list of possible questions and how we would answer them, incase they come up in the exam! Any questions anyone?


Posted: 08-01-10 22:25 by I P B

Our department has a special group on facebook - MBS geography gcse help. Join us for some resources & help.

Posted: 15-01-10 09:56 by Caroline Kennedy

Thats great, but im afraid i dont have dace book and i cant get it :(

Posted: 15-01-10 20:15 by I P B

Hiya, what topics are you studying? Because I have a few exam like questions for Changing Urban Environments, Tourism and Population Change. :)

Posted: 31-03-11 22:45 by Zoeeee

do you find geography hard?

Posted: 01-04-11 08:46 by james

mainly, you're likely to be asked on how the influx of immigrants helped us sway dem mad tings ;)

Posted: 01-04-11 10:03 by E8 HACKNEY MOUNTFORD ESTATE

hey for my first exam i just learnt like 10 facts for the case study questions to make sure i got as many marks as i could :) 

Posted: 15-04-11 12:05 by K Ward

What paper did u guys do first??? 

We did the unit two one, and now moving onto the climate change/ population one 

what sort of questions did u get =D

Posted: 15-04-11 13:38 by <classified>

in population test it asks about why sooo many people would choose to live near the Yangtze river in china........ anddd ermmm birth control systems... amd stuff like that hope i've helped go on www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize geography then population that should help

Posted: 16-04-11 23:50 by Sabrina