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how are you meant to revise for poetry? I have an exam in a few weeks and have NO idea. I find that just reading notes is rather boring....

Posted: 12-04-12 21:45 by noodles_are_nice:)

I hated revising for my poetry exam in January! Reading notes are boring- try reading them out to friends, discussing ideas, you might find you have different interpretations and that could help in a exam. You could also ask each other questions on them, colour code themes etc or make a list of themes and see which poems you would use if a question about that theme came. Also make sure you know which poems have links and writing practice essays can help.

Good luck :)

Posted: 12-04-12 22:08 by Fatima

Im basically reannotating plain copies of the poem, esp the ones ive done a long time ago, and researching the context of each poem, authors attitude etc and just generally trying to know each poem inside out :) also, i bought a revision guide which im highlighting and stuff 

Posted: 12-04-12 22:13 by Lamise Hassan

If yuo really wanted to do well, you'd follow some of these ideas instead of doing nothing. Good luck in your exam LOL

Posted: 13-04-12 01:18 by Oliver

Thank you, if anyone wanted to know I got an A in that exam :)

Posted: 08-01-13 18:12 by noodles_are_nice:)