Please HELP!~ Settings in Great Expectations? And themes?

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I'm doing my controlled assessment and I need help on great expectations?

Posted Sun 9th December, 2012 @ 15:56 by Former Member

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Hello, I'm not to great with Setting but i can certainly help you with themes...


·         Society and class: Leads to self-destruction and complete loss of dignity. Dickens uses this theme to emphasise the impenetrable barrier of the social classes. When characters attempt to break through this, they only find loneliness and loss. 


·         Dreams: Those who dream, hope and plan the most are wounded, and do not find the happiness expected. Hopes are used in this novel for characters to try and wipe the past from memory. E.g.: Pip uses his ‘new fortune’ to help forget his crime with the convict.


·         Wealth: Wealth serves to motivate and to drive characters to destroy others. Wealth promises freedom and the realization of dreams, but it never delivers upon these promises.


·         Friendship/loyalty:  Friendship within this novel gradually disintegrates when wealth and social class are introduced. Characters who are obsessed with their future often forget the past and the relationships that dwelt there.


·         Love:  Love is portrayed in many different ways: as romance, narcissistic love, temporary, obsession, and unconditional. Love both ‘bounds’ Pip and sets him free. Closely tied to destruction.


·         Innocence/ Time: Innocence is lost when introduced to society and to a ‘societal value system’. This enforces self-absorption within Pip leading to his denial of identity.  Characters are often fixed on the future of time; however are heavily haunted by the past and are prevented from reaching dreams.


·         Criminality: Rules have to be broken in order to overcome a society that is unjust and flawed. Whilst the Pip longs to be accepted by society, he is ultimately linked to a criminal, and comes to understand the illusion of his dream.

Answered Sun 9th December, 2012 @ 23:05 by Lucy
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Thanks for the help I wrote the innocence of Pip on my assessment

Answered Mon 10th December, 2012 @ 17:48 by Former Member