please help me, i have 3 biology gcse resits!!

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hello, can anyone give me any important key points for the seperate science biology and additional biology courses, i need to get an A in atelast 2of my 3 exams and my memory dies on me when it comes to answering questions.

Posted: 02-04-12 15:42 by Rebecca Christian

Past papers help ALOT!!! For my exams I worked my way through the CGP revision guide and then tried to work my way through as many past papers as possible, works a treat! :)

Posted: 03-04-12 21:16 by Abi

It depends on what kind of learner you are. If you're a visual learner, mind maps are verrrrry useful: its clear, simple and it looks nice. But watching videos can be useful (i.e. Bitesize). Or perhaps be creative and make something: i made a song in another subject and i remembered key info and i got a B! Use things that are useful to the type of learner you are and then do a past paper to see the progress you made! : )

Posted: 06-04-12 11:46 by Lauren

Why don't you do past paper questions, I had all 3 exams too, last year.I kept on doing loads of past paper questions, if you like I will upload them with a the mark schemes to them.But also, I have got lots of mindmaps, revision notes and other science resources if you want them just ask. :)

Posted: 06-04-12 16:03 by Safa

Make sure you know what all of the points are on the specification. That will cover the basic knowledge needed for the examns.

Posted: 10-04-12 13:14 by Maya Kad