Please help, exam tomorrow...

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Please help, exam tomorrow, and i cant remeber which of the Triplets are on papers. I am doing AQA English exam tomorrow!!! Does anyone know which of triplets are in the section B's of each paper?

Posted: 15-05-11 13:34 by Sophie

It depends which spec youre doing. Are you doing spec b? 

Posted: 15-05-11 13:38 by Georgina

A. sorry i forgot to mention that :/ ***

Posted: 15-05-11 13:39 by Sophie

oh, i do spec b so i dont know, sorry x

Posted: 15-05-11 13:42 by Georgina

oh, i do spec b so i dont know, sorry x

Posted: 15-05-11 13:42 by Georgina

look on the aqa webby

Posted: 15-05-11 13:42 by Georgina

okay :) All i know is that there is persuade, describe, argue, explain, inform and advise, just not sure which ones are on which paper. :/ will look on AQA :D ***

Posted: 15-05-11 13:44 by Sophie

For anyone who wants to know... just found out from AQA website that Paper 1 Section B is ARGUE, PERSUADE and ADVISE. And the Paper 2 Section B is INFORM, DESCRIBE and EXPLAIN.

Note this is for people who have Spec A English.

Posted: 15-05-11 13:50 by Sophie

Good to know, I've been panicking about that for a while now... *Sweat drops*

Posted: 15-05-11 14:10 by Rees *Redacted*

oh lol :') **

Posted: 15-05-11 14:18 by Sophie

heyy im doing the exam 2morrow,

Paper 1 - section A reading (media) section B - writeing to argue persuade and advice

Paper 2 - poems from other cultures and inform explain and describe

Paper 3 - literature exam, (im doing of mice and men) and pre 1914 poems + the others

Posted: 15-05-11 15:29 by Kavita :)

we know, but thanks anyway :D ***

Posted: 15-05-11 15:32 by Sophie

your welcome lol :)

Posted: 15-05-11 15:37 by Kavita :)