please help :) citizenship resources guide doesen't work

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hi, does anyone know anything useful I could use to revise citizenship its half of my GCSE and RE is the other half so far I'm doing great in my RE but citizenship is bad.. in the lesson me and my friend don't understand anything and when we tell the teacher she just gives us text books (the type of text books that you need to know something about before you start reading) every lesson she says were going to an agree and disagree question but we don't have time to write it out like you would in the exam so when we come to the exam were going to be stuck also I redid my coursework 3 weeks ago and she still haven't marked it I spoke to my RE teacher and she said she'd try and revise with us she gave me some past papers but like I said I haven't learnt anything I had to guess the first three questions and then got completely stuck I tried to revise with the revision guide she gave me (they were sold by school) but I couldn't read it I asked someone else to try it and they came to the same conclusion it gives you headache and makes your eyes sting because its so small and there's too much on one page so that rules that out ... i would like to know if you know of any resources or things I could revise with I would be grateful Many Thanks Amy

Posted Sat 4th May, 2013 @ 15:36 by Amy