Please can somebody share with me some useful easy to understand revision notes/ websites for AQA Physics Unit 2 higher tier?

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I have a mock exam on friday and have been currently revising from my CGP book and looking on BBC Bitesize, however i still do not understand some subjects such as voltage in a curent and frictional force and terminal velocity. 

P.s i am doing Physics Unit 2 higher tier exam board AQA (already included it in the question, just thought I'd repeat it )

Posted Tue 11th December, 2012 @ 20:30 by maya

2 Answers

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You've probably already done your exam but if you click on my name i have  a resource called something like 'science revision website :D' if you click on that a reallly really useful notes website comes up. Its amazing!!!

Hope that helps :)

Answered Mon 17th December, 2012 @ 17:37 by :) PurpleJaguar (: - Team GR
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Hi thank you I will click it, I've done the mocks but i still have my real ones :) 

Answered Wed 26th December, 2012 @ 21:52 by maya