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Hi I'm really stressing over what subjects I should pick for A Level. I want to make a positive difference to society and the world on as large a scale as possible, an you need money for that, so I guess Business/Economics is what I should be going for. But I also really love sciences and it's what I'm good at but most of the uni courses end up in engineering or medical sciences... which is just a skilled job, not one you can feel like you have the power to have a positive difference to people's lives, so.... I really don't know what to do!! Any advice?

Thanks ** 

Posted: 13-01-13 16:02 by Saffira Ahlexis

Biology or chemistry are two good sciences to take, in the next fifty years bio scientists will lead the way in the change in the way society is what with food shortages , genetic breakthrough ect.. Chemistry in making new better drugs which will have a massive effect in medicine . Not all science courses end up in medicine and engineering.. And many people study sciences then go into the marketing profession ect.. My advice would be bio,chem, maths and economics .. Good luck on deciding I'm sure you'll make a difference however small somewhere

Posted: 13-01-13 16:40 by Edward Pinches

Don't panic. It's nice that you want to make a difference to society Saffira Ahlexis. Not enough people do. Firstly, I'd say that you should pick subjects that you are going to enjoy, but also subjects which will help you in the future. Think about what you want. If you really enjoy science then take them. As Edward Pinches says, Chemistry and Biology are both subjects that can allow you to make positive contributions to society. You can combine your love of science with your wish to help others. For example, if you went into biomedical sciences you cold help to make new drugs, which could save people's lives. You could also get involved in making the environment better with new and better fuels. There are loads of ways you can help people through science. I'd say biology and chemistry offer you a wide range of jobs too. If you also like business/economic sides of things you could do maths or a business alevel. But I think you might be able to help people more if you did a biological science. 

Good luck.

Posted: 13-01-13 17:10 by Tilly - Team GR

Thank you so much, this was really a lot of help :) I finally decided to take Bio,Chem,Maths and Eco to keep my options open according to better interest annd plus I guess Eco overlaps nicley with Maths. These are just the subjects Edward Piches suggested! Thanks again, both of you c: x

Posted: 28-01-13 17:36 by Saffira Ahlexis