Physics/Maths Degree - What A levels?!

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Hey, I'm hoping to do something physics/maths related at Uni or maybe computer science... What subjects do you think would be good to do for A level?

I'm thinking of doing Maths, Further Maths, Physics, English and ICT but ICT may not run so I don't know what to do if it doesn't -anyone have any good ideas for what would be usefulest for me?

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Posted: 06-03-13 16:58 by Hoosierette

well, most people only take 4As levels  and then drop one so you'll be fine wth just the ones you have. If you do want to do a 5th i'd say it doesn't really matter what as long as you enjoy it- it won't matter for uni :)

Posted: 07-03-13 17:26 by sammy

Maths and physics are requirements for a physics degree, and maths is required for a maths degreee. Physics, maths and furhter maths would be best for either and physics or maths degree. You wouldn't actually need that many subjects - you'd only need one other subject alongside those. YOu might want to pick an easier subject, because the other subjects are quite difficult.

on thursday when the january results came out my school found that students who take 3 subjects (like I do) did better than those who did 4 subjects or 5 subjects. You should aim at getting really good in 3/4 subjects, then pushing yourself with a 5 subjects.

Posted: 09-03-13 13:42 by Tilly - Team GR

Maths and Physics, sometimes futher maths and chemistry is required.

Posted: 17-03-13 15:04 by Hannah Wright

Hey, thanks for your help. The problem is, I have to do 5 cos of school :/ I'd rather do less really but they don't let us... :/ It sounds as if Chem'd be most useful, but then it'd be really hard :S

Posted: 20-03-13 20:14 by Hoosierette

Chemistry is difficult, especially when you have to do 5. There is a person at my school who did really well in their 5 alevels, and they did further maths, maths, physics, chemistry and french. So it is possible to do 5 but you need to put in an awful lot of work. 

I'd suggest definitely maths, further maths, physics and then maybe 2 easier subjects. Chemistry is quite difficult so you could do it but you might struggle.

Posted: 23-03-13 09:41 by Tilly - Team GR

I think you should do maths, further maths and physics and another subject that you enjoy if you want to maths or physics at uni. I'm not saying you shouldn't do 5, but loads of people in my year started 5 and then dropped 1 or 2 after having done so munch work for them becuase it just got too much, especially near revision. If you do do 5, make sure you stsy on top of your work load from the very beginning!

Also, look at uni courses now and see what A-levels they want and how many UCAS points you need to get onto a course. Hope this has helped:)

Posted: 03-04-13 17:30 by Kate Westall