Physics - serious help needed!

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my teacher is useless i have learnt nothing this year regarding physics i am really stressed as i have an exam next wednesday i have a revision guide but i was wondering if there was anyhing else i can do???

please someone help me out in time

by the way its P1 AQA physics

Posted Fri 15th June, 2012 @ 15:55 by Amber

1 Answer

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Im doing physics for a level next year so if you have any specific questions you can ask me :) the best thing to do is, look over the theory and content of the course and try to teach yourself the content, past papers are also really good, you can get loads of them on the AQA website and they have the mark schemes to so you can see exactly what they want for your answer. Hope this helps :) 

Answered Fri 15th June, 2012 @ 21:49 by Charlotte