Physics exam! the mirror diagram question

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heyy, i found the paper really easy, for the mirror question were the rays of light from the top of the object parrelel and through the focus and the second ray to the C from the top and the image was virtial and smaller than the object?? is that what anyone else got??

Posted: 27-05-11 10:27 by Kavita :)

yupp! thank you! so that is right, right? lol

Posted: 27-05-11 11:02 by Kavita :)

yehh :/ i hope its right cuz thats what me and my friend did, C is the centre of the circle

Posted: 27-05-11 11:04 by Kavita :)

yay! :) thank you!

Posted: 27-05-11 11:08 by Kavita :)

oh no i did that paper today and i think i've done it wrong because it's similar to that but not the same, oh dear i thought it was right and i was really pleased :( apart from that i ound the paper easy too :)

Posted: 27-05-11 11:25 by polly:)

I drew it like the AQA revision guide showed, when I asked my teacher he said it was correct...

Posted: 27-05-11 11:31 by N. M

i think both ways are right :/ hopefully

Posted: 27-05-11 11:44 by Kavita :)

thanks :)

Posted: 27-05-11 12:13 by Kavita :)

I did that too! I think it is right because my friends did that aswell!

Posted: 27-05-11 15:42 by Annie

i got slightly different to you lot: only did the blue and red rays but the image looks like the one you described so that should be alright :) x

Posted: 27-05-11 16:10 by Kelly:)

yeah :) thats cool, i think thats right too, the image is just where the lines intercept and thats all at the same points

Posted: 27-05-11 16:45 by Kavita :)

yeah I thought the same! :) glad everyone found it okay:) x

Posted: 27-05-11 16:55 by Kelly:)