Physics 3 AQA

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Has anyone got any revision for physics unit 3 AQA? Really need some help please! Anything you can give thanks =)

Posted: 24-05-12 18:32 by Joanne

have you tried this website?? i found it really useful with my revision...

hope this helps a little...

Posted: 24-05-12 18:44 by Muzz :P

Thanks =) I'm just very stressed about it... Have you got it next Wednesday?

Posted: 24-05-12 18:46 by Joanne

yup... don't panick and stress cuz you won't really get anywhere just take your time and read through the text book, make loads of notes and do plenty of past papers.

Posted: 24-05-12 18:51 by Muzz :P

Have you got any revision or anything about circular motion and the centre of mass stuff we need to know? That really confuses me.

Posted: 24-05-12 18:53 by Joanne

i don't really understand that either but i would reccomend using the cgp revision guides if you have one they tend to explain stuff really well and the questions at the end of each section are similar to those that would be in an exam...

Posted: 24-05-12 18:57 by Muzz :P

Thanks for all your help =)

Posted: 24-05-12 19:04 by Joanne

its ok... :)

Posted: 24-05-12 19:09 by Muzz :P

Hi Joanne, it's me, Vicky :P And yeah, I'm a bit nervous for Physics too, especially the transformers stuff, I don't get it at all :(

Posted: 24-05-12 20:21 by YellowYeti

Hey Vicky! Love your picture ;) yeah I'm really worried - look at my transformers thing I made, it helps. I mainly don't get the forces, moments, orbits thing. 

Posted: 25-05-12 17:23 by Joanne

one key question that comes up on the orbits is they ask you to give the name of the 'squashed oval' orbits if that makes sense... for this question you just need to remeber that it is known as an elipsis...

Posted: 25-05-12 20:34 by Muzz :P

Thanks =)

Posted: 26-05-12 09:26 by Joanne

just found this and thought it was quite useful in terms of summarising unit 3...

hope it helps a little... :)

Posted: 26-05-12 14:59 by Muzz :P

Yeah thanks =D

Posted: 26-05-12 15:08 by Joanne

Thanks, I'll take a look :) Been making a Powerpoint with revision notes for P3, I'll try and get it finished soon and post it on here for you :) 

Posted: 26-05-12 15:18 by YellowYeti

hi joanne, what i would advice is, type in google "ksw physics unit 3 notes" - these are the best notes(a bit detailed). Hope it helps.

Posted: 26-05-12 16:44 by mohammed hussain

Yeah thanks Vicky =)

And I typed in the 'ksw physics unit 3 notes' and I clicked on this it was the first one that came up. The notes aren't there for lenses and the other notes aren't detailed at all. Is this the right website?

Posted: 26-05-12 18:27 by Joanne

Hope this helps!

Posted: 26-05-12 22:51 by YellowYeti

Yeah really good Vicky =) I made my own powerpoint earlier on lenses but it looks rubbish now aha x

Posted: 26-05-12 22:57 by Joanne

                        sorry joanne, this is the correct website.

Posted: 27-05-12 16:51 by mohammed hussain

Yeah that's really helpful thanks =D

Posted: 27-05-12 17:42 by Joanne