Philosophy and Ethics? (A Level)

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Hi, is anyone studying Philosophy and ethics at A level?

Is it easy/hard? any comments about it? thanks for your help ppl :) **

Posted: 11-09-12 21:23 by TheComputerGeek

Well for my AS RS i did philosophy and for A2 i am now doing Ethics.

-Philosophy was a challenge because you will have to sustain an argument with allot of understanding of the topic, and you tend to speculate about an idea by questioning the question/idea/concept...which is great if you are good at analyzing texts.

-Ethics is more related to morality of different situation in various forms of context ie religious/social/political ect and you are able to reflect more about whether if its right to do something or not...thus it develops your evaluation skills 

I found both challenging in its own ways i.e. like explaining and sustaining an argument which is relevant to the topic but that didnt stop me getting an A 

Its useful if you are doing History/English/Sociology/law as you can develop on your ciritical analysis/understanding skills ...but i found it preety hard to get that A at AS.

Posted: 12-09-12 16:32 by ELectrica!