Peter, Tarish and Ben share £54. Tarish gets three times as much money as Peter. Ben gets twice as much money as Tarish. How much money does Ben get?

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I understand that the ration layout is

P:T:B = 1:3:6 

but on the mark scheme it says 54/10*6

I don't understand why you have to divide by 10?

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Tarish has 3 times more than Peter so their ration is 3:1, because Ben gets 2 times more than Tarish (3x2=6) so that makes the ration 3:1;6, you add these together to get the total amount of shares (3+1+6=10), to find a single share you need to divide the total amount of money by the total amount of shares (54/10=5.4). Peter gets 5.40 because he only gets one share, to work out what Tarish and Ben get you times the single share by their ratio.

Ben= 5.40

Tarish= 16.20 (5.4x3)

Ben= 32.40 (5.4x6)

to make sure you got the right answer add up all the amounts of money they got and see if it is the same as the starting amount of money (5.4+16.2+32.4=54)

Answered Fri 21st July, 2017 @ 11:51 by maddielodge666
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The ratio is 1:3:6. If you want to find out how much a person would get if they got one part of the money (Peter) you would do 54/ (1+3+6) so 54/10. The money must be split into ten parts before giving it out to each person. So if you want to find out what Ben got, you have to multiply it by 6 to get £32.40.

Answered Mon 4th June, 2012 @ 11:23 by Dilly
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Because the total number of portions is (1+3+6=) 10 

therefore 1 portion is 56 divided by 10 

Thus Ben gets (56/10)*6 = 32.4

Answered Mon 4th June, 2012 @ 11:27 by Ahamed
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There are 10 shares (1+3+6=10) - you have to add up the ratios to get the total number of shares.

So you divide £54 by 10 to get £5.40

Then you times £5.40 by 6 to get £32.40 to get how much Ben gets.

Answered Mon 4th June, 2012 @ 11:52 by Joanne