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How did everyones performances go? I'm sure I messed up and I'm looking for some reassurance. Also, can my teacher give me a grade for my piece and who marks them?

Please help!!!

Posted: 24-04-11 11:38 by Chloe

My solo performance was alright. I haven't done my ensemble yet. I think the teacher marks it then it gets sent off to be marked again.

Posted: 24-04-11 12:27 by Pui Pui

Does It matter which grade pieces I do ? in order to get the highest possible mark, so for example if I play a grade 1 piece perfectly with both hands will it ensure me top marks ?

I am currently grade 3 piano

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Posted: 25-04-11 21:44 by Frenchie

I was told to do a Grade 5 piece. Theres certain criteria it has to meet to get certain marks. But i'm guessing if the piece is perfect they can't critisis you too much.

probs best to ask your teacher though

Posted: 25-04-11 22:04 by Pui Pui

Yeah, That's good keep it up. Thanks I will do :)

Posted: 25-04-11 22:07 by Frenchie

Well, it depends if you're GCSE or A level, or whatever, but at GCSE I knew a guy who did a grade one piece dead on for his solo and got full marks for accuracy, but you lose marks for difficulty! My tactic for AS was to do a few grade 4 pieces for solo, that way you lose like 2/3 marks out of 4 for difficulty, but accuracy is out of 18, so there's a lot more to lose, and it payed off!

Posted: 05-06-11 20:43 by Peter Gebbie

I got A!

Posted: 16-02-12 14:12 by Hannah

Well done, thats great!!! I got my marks back in August and ended up getting an A* on performance and overall cane out with an A! Not bad considering I took it as an extra on top of my others with 1 lesson a week, and in total did 12 gcses and my lowest grade was an A!!

Posted: 16-02-12 14:21 by Chloe

Wow, I wish I could do that! :)

Posted: 16-02-12 17:14 by Hannah

Don't get complacent- A levels are much harder! I got 6 A*s and all the rest As at GCSE but at A level I need to revise to get at least Bs!

Posted: 16-02-12 23:17 by Beth Haworth