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I'm currently taking:
English Lit
General Studies

When did people start revising when they did AS Levels?
How much revision did you do as well, and what grades did you get?


Posted Sun 18th March, 2012 @ 17:36 by Simon Grech

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When I started my AS Levels (yes, i know my page says GCSE :P), i started revising straight away and i'd revise ALL the time! even if you have no tests in the foreseeable future.. cant hurt to revise can it :P

i took:

- psychology

- biology

- geography

- environmental studies

havent got my marks yet :S x

Answered Wed 21st March, 2012 @ 12:10 by Rayanne :)
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Well, now wishing i'd done what beelal had.  You should be revising now.  If you're doing an exam where they ask the same kind of questions each year e.g biology look at the mark schemes compare the answers and memorise the key words or points. And revise as you go, making notes and flashcards at the end of each chapter so you don't have loads to do in the final months leading to exams  Sadly when I was doing year 12 i didn't do enough revision and treated it like gcses and i did really badly,barely passing. Simon make sure you prioritise the main as levels over general studies because the top universities do not care about the grade you get in it.

I'm doing:



English Literature and Language

and I did the French AS level.

Answered Thu 22nd March, 2012 @ 10:08 by Amanda
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This might sound slightly sad but as soon as I had finished my GCSE exams I made sure i had contacted my teachers and I told them to send me the specification for each subject I want to take for A-Level. I started revising during the summer holidays ...... (geek right?) but I found that when I started revising for my A levels, I began to understand more and I also understood my GCSE more if that makes sense. What I'm saying is that as soon as I started learning something way above my level, it made GCSE look easy... trust me on this. Im not saying that revise everyday in the summer because you would have just done your exams and you need to rest a bit but what I learned over the years was as soon as you started relaxing, you began to get lazy and started forgetting things. By continuing in the summer I was able to keep my brain refreshed and when I began my AS subjects, believe me on this, everything was easy because I had already gone over it in the summer and therefore all of it sound like revision. So personally if I was to advise you, I would strongly recommend to look over a few topics in AS during the summer to keep your mind refreshed and this will make AS life much easier.

I havent done any actual AS exams yet but i recently got my mock results which were all A's all above 90% which I was very pleased about. Anyway if you have any further questions please ask as I will be glad to help.

Answered Wed 21st March, 2012 @ 20:57 by Braniac
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Hey thumbs up for amanda, rayanne and everyone who has and will answer. They know their stuff so I would listen to them !!!! Think of it like this. Different teachers teach differently and the only way to succeed is to use the method that you find the easiest to get very good results. Therefore look at each answer and try each of them and the method which you find most easy to learn from which fits your agenda use it. So take a few notes from this thread, cause it's only gonna benefit ya. Were here to help comrades!


Gud luk in your revision and hope you succeed!!!

Answered Thu 22nd March, 2012 @ 21:31 by Braniac
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