Pat Barker Regeneration

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its a creative piece i just need help in adding bits into it 

Posted Wed 23rd January, 2013 @ 21:23 by sharaan

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In Rivers’ room, thin mists of sunlight come through the thick blue curtains, reflecting light on to the papers on his desk. Still waiting to open the letter from a soldier who is at war, Rivers hoped for once it would be good news. He patiently just sat listening to the birds cheeping not being able to open the letter.

Outside he looked up at Craighlockhart war hospital as the silence remained through the cheeping of the birds. As the dawn broke the silence broke like a firework of voices. He looked at his watch then strolled inside where the voices grew louder and more bodies ran past as his time. Lips moving saying something to him but no voices going into his head…

In France, soldiers muttered about Sassoon being sent back to Great Britain for what he wrote, some suggested it was from shell shock. Others commented on him making excuses to go back home but who really knows the truth? Sassoon and sergeant General were talking about him having fairly a long leave.   “Sassoon its best if you go away for a while until you is feeling better?”
Sassoon lowers his face in shame and disgust of what he had to go through and the lies the generals were telling him and the other soldiers about.
After a couple of seconds he muttered out,
“Yes sir”
 His eyes spoke it all as he made his way out of the dugout and out of Ypres to a local lorry station where it would take him back to Britain, the noises of the machine gun fade way in the distance like he was moving into a new life. As waiting Sassoon knew his whole life depended on this one person.  He thought about the lies and what everyone else thinks about the war.
“Irresponsible people and this war of devil why did I come and why would anyone want to fight in this war”
He pulled out his watch from his pocket of the khaki uniform which was tattered with holes all over it. The uniform which made him think why he came, he looked at it in disgust as people walked past looking at him with a widen glare at his face.

Back at craighlockhart Rivers, was worried about one of his patients wondering how he would cope or even survive. Just the thought of what he may be going through was stressing him out, let alone what was actually thinking about. 

Answered Wed 23rd January, 2013 @ 21:24 by sharaan
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That the creative piece now i just need help in expanding it from 414 words to 1500 people i need help needs to be in by tomorrow 3 o'clock

Answered Wed 23rd January, 2013 @ 21:26 by sharaan