Past papers?

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Where can I find past papers for OCR?:/

Posted: 06-05-12 17:00 by Mackenzie

On their website

Posted: 06-05-12 18:23 by You know it

Or on the internet. Your teacher may also have some.

Posted: 06-05-12 18:24 by You know it

I struggled to access them on their website, I will look elsewhere, thank you :-)

Posted: 06-05-12 19:29 by Mackenzie

Hi, I have Unit A, B and C revision lists and many test papers that match the units which have been specially made for my school. Just ask if you want any and I will be happy to give you some.

I am on OCR, the specificication from 2010 btw :)

Posted: 07-06-12 21:38 by Nizbizzzz :)