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anything i need to know despratley before tomorrow ?

Posted: 06-06-11 19:06 by Sabina Jones

planetary motion (retrograde motion)

sidereal and solar days

solar and lunar eclispes and why they are rare

angles of ascension and declination

moon and its phases

power and lenses (power = 1 divided by focal length) and drawing ray diagrams

refracting and reflecting telescopes - how they work and avoiding diffraction in telescopes

calculating magnification and hubble constant calculations

parallax and measuring the distance to stars

cepheid variable stars (and how to use them to calculate distance) and curtis-shapley debate

relationship between pressure and volume and temperature and pressure

absolute zero

star structure and life cycles

line spectra and it's uses

Rutherford-Geiger experiment (firing alpha paricles at gold foil to find the make up of atoms

nuclear fusion

international co-operation - where countries do projects together to cut costs and share expertise

also revise p4 and analogue and digital and modulation from p6 for the ideas in context part

hope that helps

good luck tomorrow!!

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