P4 - Explaining Motion

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Ok so hey everyone. I've noticed that there is not a dissusion that is actually being discussed or whatever so here is a new one =]

If you've got any problems with P4 or indeed any of the physics modules then just type your problem in here and hopefully someone else in the group can help you.

Good luck with exams and life =]


Posted: 08-01-10 19:23 by Alice

is P4 on AQA, I thought it was just P1a P1b P2 & P3 :S

Posted: 08-01-10 21:55 by Nadeem P

Ahhh I'm on OCR. just ask the questions and people should answer =]

Posted: 08-01-10 22:10 by Alice

wow for the amount of people in this group, noone ever writes stuff here.... O_o

Posted: 22-03-10 17:57 by Alice

SERIOUSLY!? what is wrong with this group? you join a group surly you write in the discussions bit? no? ok then.... guess what i thought was wrong. Just hope your revision is going well. good luck all.

Posted: 22-04-10 11:55 by Alice

Yes ! i am really stuck on the kinetic energy and dissipated through heat part ! 

Its section 12 on the official specification  THANKS 

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Posted: 16-01-11 18:01 by c

did you do the exam on the 31st of jan??

Posted: 06-02-11 20:21 by Elizabeth Anderton-Allen

i'm doing an OCR p4,p5,p6 test after easter.. i don't have a revision guide and was wondering what p4 p5 and p6 are exatly? and what i need to know for it?

Posted: 09-04-11 19:41 by Estelle

Wait, is this OCR Gateway or OCR 21st Century Science? (I'm doing the latter...)

Just to avoid confusion :) 

Posted: 10-04-11 10:04 by Aithne M

hello :) if this is help for p4 ocr 21st century science i was just wondering if you could help me with interaction forces? thank you very much 

Posted: 17-04-11 12:38 by Hazz