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how'd ya stop side trackin durin revision cuz it's soooo hard especially on a computer.


Posted: 18-10-12 22:41 by Aneesa

Lol :) im afraid i wont be able to help u on that aneesa becuz im in the same situation myself :P

Posted: 18-10-12 23:21 by adfv


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Posted: 19-10-12 17:41 by Waqar Khanny :)

khanny wrote:



dodgy title 4 dogdy revision...lyk dozin an switchin off then comin back...gettin outta da house an in again...

PS.wat does LMFAO stand 4?

Posted: 19-10-12 19:09 by Aneesa


HAHA it means Laugh Ma FU*** *** Off

Posted: 19-10-12 19:49 by Waqar Khanny :)

hey Aneesa :) to be honest wen revisin u dont really need ur computer 

b4 ur exams complete all ur research n findin all the relevant notes u need for ur revision, print them all out n compile them in a folder.. then once ur folder is ready with all the important notes..

sit down n set ur self sum tasks u r plannin to complete.. depending on how long u can revise for b4 gettin distracted.. set a timer for that amount of time.. make sure everything including computer, phone is totally switched off.. n just try n revise.. once the time is over reward urself by goin on the computer for about 15 mins or longer if necessary..

at first it will be hard .. but u need to be strict wiv urself

Posted: 19-10-12 19:58 by ? Secret - Team GR

if ur still strugglin.. this mite help.. its sumtin stupid i do.. on my bedroom walls i hve a set of ambitions / questions which everytime i real.. i hve this fear, that omg i need to revise if i wnt to get the grades.. n just by reading them my brain automatically wants to revise.. i knw it sounds stupid but i helps

Posted: 19-10-12 20:01 by ? Secret - Team GR

Thanxxxxxx Secret, it really helped...even if it does need some self discipline...

Posted: 20-10-12 08:32 by Aneesa

ur welcome Aneesa :)

lol thats the key to revision.. self disicipline..u gotta mke ur self motivated one way or anover..

Posted: 20-10-12 18:48 by ? Secret - Team GR

WOW!!! Seriously sercret, u are so motivating (not sarcasim)..hahaha!  U know u culd even becom a life coach one day

.....And I wuld even be the first 2 hire your services...trust me..!!!

Posted: 20-10-12 22:05 by Aneesa

hahha loool u make me laugh =D aww thats sweet... 

i guess its coz my close friends there target grades r like C's while mine are A.. so u can see they are not as bright me..n wen it cums to a result days they r lyk depressed wiv theirs while im overjoyed wiv mine.. so i spend lyk the next whole month givin them "motivation speeches" until they are bak to normal.. n its just amazin hw i can mke them more motivated.. lyk one my friend from givin her one of my "motivation" speech, she retook her exam, n i just supported her 24-7 n amazingly i managed to get her from a D in history to a high B (one mark away from an A).. 

so its no worries.. n ur very sweet ;) **

Posted: 20-10-12 22:25 by ? Secret - Team GR

You probably revise for too long so you get bored. 

Break up your revision periods into 25 minutes with a 5 minute break afterwards. Then repeat. This way it only requires 25 minutes of concentration and you'll probably find yourself getting a lot more work done. 

If you feel it is necessary, block websites. You can use Chrome nanny or Stay focused on Google Chrome. 

One thing that helped me was realising why I was getting distracted then later assessing whether they were worth my time. Usually I'd start browsing the internet for no good reason at all. So it looked like I wanted to waste time. Which I don't. So when I realised that I began wasting time for no reason, I stopped myself. 

Good luck with your studies. 

Posted: 22-10-12 17:06 by world conqueror

Thank you world conqurer.

Just wanted to ask... how do I use chrome nanny?

Posted: 22-10-12 17:44 by Aneesa

Set yourself a time period that you have to work for: like 10 mins revision, 5 mins testing yourself or with a friend and then 5 mins resting on your computer or whatever.

I also saw this really cool thing where they had their revision book and they put gummy bears on it at different points and then when you've got to the gummy bear you get to eat it, i thought this was a good idea to keep you motivated, haha

hope this helps! :D

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Posted: 02-11-12 11:13 by Lucy

If your issue on the computer is websites such as Facebook, youtube etc then I can really recommend an extension for blocking them for a certain period of time.

You must have downloaded the browser google chrome. Then go into the google chrome store and search StayFocusd (the 'e' is meant to be excluded). Add it to chrome then in options you can limit your interent use, time spent on certain websites, you can block all websites for a length of time you decide, or allow some useful revision websites but block all others, you can cutomise it as much as you like!

Hope this helps 

Posted: 02-11-12 14:00 by Former Member