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okay so i only got two exams left!!! one is tomorrow, im currently revising for that but I CANT BE BOTHERED!!!! IM ALL BURNT OUT!!!! 

anyone got a similar feeling?!!

Posted: 14-06-12 21:45 by SweetPain_07

nahhh nt really =P

ive only gt 1 left yayyy ;P

Posted: 14-06-12 21:58 by waqar

oh? which one?

Posted: 14-06-12 21:59 by SweetPain_07

maths --->dnt feel da need 2 revise 4 it 8P

wt examz u gt?

Posted: 14-06-12 22:00 by waqar

ha, i did my maths yesterday! u cant really revise much 4 it anywys, i got history tomoz, then DT a week later....yay me! (note the sarcasm*)

Posted: 14-06-12 22:02 by SweetPain_07

lol =)

wellll guuuudd luk ;)

Posted: 14-06-12 22:03 by waqar

same, i've got two more left :L

Statistics on Monday and Maths on Tuesday D:

Posted: 14-06-12 22:04 by Erika

u too! :D

Posted: 14-06-12 22:05 by SweetPain_07

@Erika guess ur having a busy weekend!

Posted: 14-06-12 22:06 by SweetPain_07

aha, i'm neutral :L

i'm panicking cause i think i might fail in them subjects but i still i can't be bother to revision cause i'm bored basically D:

how about you? :)

Posted: 14-06-12 22:26 by Erika

SweetPain_07 wrote:

u too! :D

 thnx bbe ;)

Posted: 14-06-12 22:30 by waqar

@Erika tell me about it!! im sittin here with history sheets surrounding me and nothing is getting stuck!!! im thinking i shall skim over it, get some sleep, refresh memeory in mornin, then.....silently PLEAD  for a DECENT GRADE!!! 

Posted: 14-06-12 22:33 by SweetPain_07

I have 1 tomorrow. 3 monday. 1 wednesday. that is all. X_X

Posted: 14-06-12 22:34 by Neon

Impulse wrote:

I have 1 tomorrow. 3 monday. 1 wednesday. that is all. X_X

one week....then LIFE IS GOOD AGAIN!!!!

Posted: 14-06-12 22:35 by SweetPain_07

sameee :L

nothing's possible for me when facebook's distracting = P

aha good luck to youu ;D

hope you'll do great on it. :)

Posted: 14-06-12 22:37 by Erika

@waqar ur welcome. :)

Posted: 14-06-12 22:40 by SweetPain_07

SweetPain_07 wrote:

Impulse wrote:

I have 1 tomorrow. 3 monday. 1 wednesday. that is all. X_X

one week....then LIFE IS GOOD AGAIN!!!!

oh, sure, until after the summer, only, to keep up with A-level... I'm starting in the summer, so not really... but hey, that's life

Posted: 14-06-12 22:43 by Neon

@Impulse how cum u startin in summer???

Posted: 14-06-12 22:46 by SweetPain_07

SweetPain_07 wrote:

@Impulse how cum u startin in summer???

because I'm starting all the revision guides, or I'll never keep up :/ especially with chemistry and further maths

Posted: 14-06-12 22:48 by Neon

wow! MATHS!! ur crazy!!! im takin chem also but glad im done with that!! well gud luck with ur 'headstart'!! eventhough i think you should just enjoy the time you have off! :D

Posted: 14-06-12 22:51 by SweetPain_07

thanks :P have a good summer :P

Posted: 14-06-12 22:54 by Neon

i intend to!!....u too! :D...hmmm i think i shall retire for the night and u peeps should do TOO!! good ol' school tomorrow!

Posted: 14-06-12 22:57 by SweetPain_07

night :)

Posted: 14-06-12 22:58 by Neon

Nyt ;)

Posted: 14-06-12 23:02 by SweetPain_07