On spreadsheets how do you do goal seeking???

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I am taking ICT as an GCSE option, but i dont understand how to do goal seeking on Spreadsheets????

Please tell me step by step how to do it!!!!!!!! thank you :)

Posted Fri 5th April, 2013 @ 14:48 by chandni

3 Answers

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this might be helpful ???

btw the beginning is really excess..u might have to skip it to bwt halfway where it actually shows u how to do it

Answered Fri 5th April, 2013 @ 16:22 by ? Secret - Team GR
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Thanks for the link, i had to watch it a few times to understand how the man done it, but now i get it thank u soo much for helping

Answered Fri 5th April, 2013 @ 16:48 by chandni
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ur welcome !

Answered Fri 5th April, 2013 @ 20:19 by ? Secret - Team GR