Odysseus' imprisonment on Calypso's island

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How long was Odysseus trapped there?

i've got an idea, but I don't want to be wrong...

Posted: 11-05-11 18:11 by ReinsOfKhaos

He was on Ogygia for 7 years.

Google is also your best friend for questions like these...Though I recommend looking them up in the book, that way you wont forget it.

Posted: 11-05-11 19:24 by Aza

Caylpso's island is called ogypia? i thought that place was somewhere else?

Posted: 14-05-11 15:48 by ReinsOfKhaos

thanks for replying, and thanks for the answer, it really helped!

Posted: 14-05-11 15:48 by ReinsOfKhaos