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I really felt I needed t make a discussion board for this, as its been bugging me for ages. I've done unit 4, nearly finished unit 1, and started unit 22 and unit 23. The thing that I don't understand, is some of the coursework we have to do is so hard, and confusing, and complicated, even though I'm targeted a distinction, and then sometimes, the work is too easy and I get it done in no time! Does anybody doing the ICT Nationals know why there is such a wide range of difficulties??

Posted: 06-06-11 18:54 by Shannon Tennant-Smith - Team GR

To show you have a wide range of ability and show that you can complete both basic and complext tasks.

Posted: 25-02-12 17:07 by Kerry

I did those too :)

I think it's also to allow more people to have a chance to achieve and set themselves challenges. It gives you the opportunity to go a little bit beyond what is asked of you to demonstrate not only your knowledge but your dedication to the subject if you want to.

For example, say a distinction criteria was to make a six page website. If you're genuinely interested in learning how to make a website or want to go on to use that website for real one day, why be limited to six pages just as long as the quality doesn't suffer as a result?

Hope this helps. This is just my opinion, I think what Kerry said is like the 'real' answer. :)

Posted: 07-06-12 23:38 by Former Member

Thanks, you've both been helpful - I'm doing a website now, having done units 4, 1, 20, 21 and started 22 and 23. And I'm definitely gonna need more than 6 pages so hopefully, I'll get my target. :)

Posted: 08-06-12 17:00 by Shannon Tennant-Smith - Team GR

I did Units 1, 20, 21 and 22 as well :) The other ones I did were units 5 and 7. Good luck with the website, take care. :)

Posted: 08-06-12 18:01 by Former Member

Thanks :)

Posted: 10-06-12 14:49 by Shannon Tennant-Smith - Team GR