OCR music listening GCSE

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hey, i just wondered if anyone is sitting the OCR listening exam - if so, how much detail have you gone into learning the different styles of music? or is it more recognizing the music that counts for the better marks? how can i improve my grade easily? ..music is my worst subject.

any help would be great, thank you:).


Posted: 03-05-11 20:48 by Kelly:)

hiiya i do edxcel i know you may think thats no use but i would suggest using techincal laungage and proving that you know about the peice rather than listing off everything you remember so use words like ornamentation augamentation there are lots of appoggiaturas in stead of saying gracenotes you need to talk about the main elements of music like : texture structure tonality tambre melody tempo instrumentaion i hope i have helped if not i tried XD **

Posted: 04-05-11 12:21 by Lizzy

hahaha, that is a great help actually:) thank you, but you said you should know the piece but i'm guessing our syllabuses are different because all the music in my exam will be music i've never heard before but anyway i'll try my best:) thanks again **

Posted: 04-05-11 15:59 by Kelly:)

okay in that case you should work out first tempo tambre and instrumentation and turns are quite easy to identiy and try to work out what type of marking etc you wont need too much detail just as i said technical language and make sure you dont ramble so examiner knows what you are talking about and can see you mean what you are putting :)

good luck Kelly :)

Posted: 04-05-11 17:50 by Lizzy

right okay, thank you that was actually a great help!:)

thanks, you too Lizzy:)

Posted: 04-05-11 18:46 by Kelly:)

Hahah im doing Music ocr as well and it's my worst subject!!

I don't understand it at all :L I'm just gonna try and understand words that might come up to describe music like texture so I can describe it, well try too and getting basic knowledge on the dances and music we have to know. Its so confusing. whens your exam? x

Posted: 08-05-11 21:36 by Maya

glad I'm not the only one:p yeah I agree, it's really difficult especially how past papers aren't the exam we'll be doing :/ mines the 17th may, so I assume yours is the same?x

Posted: 09-05-11 06:56 by Kelly:)

mines 17 as well omg its like a week away ahhhh :O and stuff like polyphonice hetraphonic monophonic centepuntal, Maya?

Posted: 09-05-11 11:54 by Lizzy

Mee too :) I do OCR!!!!!!!!!!

It's so hard to learn all the stuff!! I'm guessing that half the stuff I'm trying to cram into my head wont even come up!! S.T.U.P.I.D!!!!!!!!

It's soooo hard :L and I need to get 80/100 to get an A overall, I'm soo scared!!!!!!!

Posted: 13-05-11 17:13 by Emma

I agree! I'm alright learning it, it's recognising everything that the difficult part and seen as this is a new exam, the past papers aren't much help:| yeah I know, any of it could come up which is annoying! ooh that's a lot!! well my coursework is an A an that's 60% ofthe final grade so fingers crossed we'll all do well! it's like 4 days away.. argghh!

Posted: 13-05-11 17:59 by Kelly:)

Phew, I'm not the only one lol :) nice (not really great but kinda) to see I'm not the only one in this position!!!! :D

Posted: 14-05-11 15:14 by Emma

I know what you mean:) been trying to learn the 6 club dance styles today, how are we supposed to tell the difference between those?!

Posted: 14-05-11 21:52 by Kelly:)

I know!! everything I revise goes out of my head in the exam cause you have to apply it which i just cant do!!

Its so stressful i've stopped revising until english is over on monday.

Good luck everyone!!

where did you get the past papers? I cant find ANY!! **

Posted: 14-05-11 21:58 by Maya

:/ at least it's over on Tuesday!
i've got English on Monday too, my two weaker subjects: music ad English.
You too!
They're impossible to find on websites but my teacher has a draw full of them so I've been taking them from school, sorry that's not much help!**

Posted: 15-05-11 07:39 by Kelly:)

Lol!! Ive been finding lots of different types of music... I'm just hoping it says 'what style of music is this' not what type of club dance is this!!!! lol!!!!! I want an A soo bad :L

Posted: 15-05-11 12:15 by Emma

And ive been reading the revision guides over and over again!! :D

Posted: 15-05-11 12:16 by Emma

oh good:) i wish i had time to for that, four exams in one week is stressful! omg same! that'll be so much easier! aww, if you try hard, you'll get there :) hahaha, well you'll do fine then! :) x

Posted: 15-05-11 13:56 by Kelly:)

Aww thanks :) You guys are so supportive!! :D

I really hope I get it - I'll have my fingers crossed (and for you guys too!!)

Posted: 15-05-11 15:02 by Emma

you're welcome:) well we're all in the same boat so winnow how important support is :)
you will and thank you, I'll have my fingers crossed for you too:) x

Posted: 15-05-11 15:46 by Kelly:)

N'aww :) Lets sail this darn boat then!!! lol **

Posted: 15-05-11 16:37 by Emma

How did everyone go!?!??!?!


Posted: 19-05-11 18:16 by Maya

ugh. some parts were all right but others were just horrible! how about you? think you've got the grade you need?x x

Posted: 19-05-11 19:06 by Kelly:)

haha either way i dont need the grade but it was a "fun" attempt. what was with the 8 mark question on that like 4 second piece. that was impossible!! **

Posted: 25-05-11 18:47 by Maya

oh good! haha, I know! ah well, at least it's other with :) my teacher did the paper herself, looks like I've got most of it wrong!! :p x x

Posted: 25-05-11 19:15 by Kelly:)