OCR advancing physics B advanced notice

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have been looking over the G492 june 2012 advanced notice article, was wondering if anyone is doing the same exam and had any ideas on what might come up or any practice questions?

Posted: 03-05-12 11:00 by anna

I'm studying the same course and our teachers have written 3 pages of possible questions, so I'll post it on here for you :) any other ideas that anyone can come up with would be hugely beneficial as well.

Posted: 07-05-12 11:06 by Jodie Littleford

thank you! its such an awful course and I am dreading the section C! any help is much appreciated..

i found this website which also has some practice questons but no answers....

loging as a guest and if you scroll to the very bottom there is a section on the advance notice article

Posted: 07-05-12 13:05 by anna

can you please post the questions you had?

Posted: 09-05-12 13:11 by anna