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Posted: 04-01-10 19:18 by Lauren Carry

RIGHT. Mission. Let's go through the stages :D I'll give you them to make it easier ;) Tehe

Nitrogen Fixing




AND because I'm a keeno, I'm gunna do one.

NITROGEN FIXING - Atmospheric nitrogen is converted into ammonia by nitrogen fixing bacteria (Rhizobium!!) and these are found in the root nodules of (cue Irish accent) leguminous plants. (BTW this is an example of a symbiotic relationship, WIN for them!)

I'll shut up now, somebody else better finish this off. I'M LOOKING AT YOU BANISHA!

Posted: 04-01-10 19:21 by Lauren Carry

Ammonification... Deaded animals are decomposed and the ammonium compounds are utilised by plants in soil... They absorb these compounds through the roots via transpiration. Also Animal faeces and urine contain these compounds to be utilised by plants. :)

Posted: 04-01-10 22:09 by Matthew Maguire


Posted: 05-01-10 00:18 by Robert Austick

i dunno which stage it is but theres one where amonia in the soil is turned into nitrites by nitrobacter and then the nitrites are turned into nitrates by nitrosomus or sumat like that ready for the plants to use and what not. also some other stuff happens but i dunno that

Posted: 05-01-10 00:22 by Robert Austick

That's nitrification :) ... I think :s

Posted: 05-01-10 08:33 by Matthew Maguire

I made up for all them others before :) and i love the way this is getting done early this morning!

Stoooooooooooopid snow!!

Denitrification... right urm this is when nitrates are turned back in to atmospheric nitrogen gas by denitryfying bacteria.. this happens under anearobic conditions like in waterlogged soil.. urm theres one more point... denitryfying bacteria uses nitrates in the soil to carry out respiration and produce nitrogen gas...

Posted: 05-01-10 09:58 by Banisha Nayyar

add on to baninjas comment sandy soil = bad cos it too loose and airy clay soil = better holds water more

Posted: 05-01-10 10:35 by Robert Austick

EEEEEEEEEEE well done guys! I'm proud :D

Posted: 05-01-10 10:49 by Lauren Carry

lmao I just realised Rob had written Baninja. Made me giggle.

Posted: 05-01-10 11:06 by Lauren Carry

sssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh no i dint...............

Posted: 05-01-10 12:12 by Robert Austick
Posted: 05-01-10 20:44 by Lauren Carry

you need to help me on this you know because your such a nerd at this area :) ill help u in sum technical area too so it works both ways lolol

Posted: 10-01-10 02:05 by Robert Austick

What type of questions will come up in the exam based on this? will i have to learn all deffinitions, cz i **** at memorising fml ¬¬

Posted: 03-03-11 14:05 by emma gager