New Study Planner

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How do you see after selecting how many hours of work you want to do for each subject, how many hours you actually do?

Posted: 04-01-19 11:17 by komssharma

to improve please make the sessions more spread out

Posted: 03-02-20 18:43 by 17198

Great planner actually. It is a pity that I didn't have one in college. Sometimes I found some useful services on the website when I was a little behind with my tasks. But time management with the help of this study planner will be so useful, but you need the patience to get used to it. 

Posted: 19-03-20 12:52 by Isabella Butts

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Posted: 14-04-20 15:41 by DerehDan

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Posted: 26-04-20 16:14 by EthanWood