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Thanks For Joining This Group, I am Planning To Scan Some Mindmaps Trough When I Get It If That Helps, Keep Your Resources Comming, and Good Luck In Ur Exams, If Your Doing The Same Course As Me That Should Be 2nd Of June, and 8th Of June x.x.x Luvs .x.x.x

Posted: 21-05-09 19:15 by CassieMcP

Thanks, For Joining Bee, and For doing those revision cards, How are you doing on history revision? It's awfull for me, Im alrite on the Crimea and shizzle bit.. But I Never Had A Teacher for 2 Months of the Stalins Russia One Sooo I kinda no nothing about it really. ): Good luck in ur exam if i dont get a reply befor x Luvs x

Posted: 21-05-09 19:17 by CassieMcP

how do you join?

Posted: 14-04-11 12:20 by Dale McNerlin