New feature on Get Revising: Organise Your Thinking

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As promised, we continue to develop Get Revising to provide you with great ways to learn every day.

Just this week we have added another collection of resources for you to create, Organise Your Thinking.

Whether you want to produce a timeline of the events of the Second World War or evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power, create a character analysis or map causes and effects, it’s easy!

But this new feature doesn’t stop there; as a subscriber you can test yourself on resources, helping you actively learn the content of your notes.

We are keen to provide you with the best Organisers to really support your learning, so if there’s a different resource you use regularly that you’d like us to add into the Organise Your Thinking collection, let us know and we’ll see if we can help J

We always like to hear from you, so please do post a reply and let us know what you think of these new features.

Here’s a link to try building your own creation:

Or check out the first user-created timeline and see what the fuss is about:

There’s more to come......we won’t be resting on our laurels at Get Revising over Christmas - development is already well under way for more exciting new features due at the start of 2013!

Posted: 12-12-12 11:28 by Pete Barnes: GR Director

these sound great, haven't had the chance to use them yet, but i like the idea of the advantages and disadvantages one, i'm always doing these for AS IT

Posted: 12-12-12 16:45 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

I used them - they're really good. I just wondered whether we could have a point explain one - that would be really handy. 

Posted: 12-12-12 16:58 by Former Member

Ah PEEL good thinking, we were actually testing this out as an addition so will update you on this one shortly

Posted: 12-12-12 16:59 by Pete Barnes: GR Director

yeah thats a good idea as well :)

Posted: 12-12-12 17:04 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

I will look forward to using them!!! = ]

Posted: 12-12-12 19:14 by Former Member

Aww, this feature would have been so useful to help remember all those dates for history last year! Looks really good! :)

Posted: 16-12-12 20:47 by furuba fan

furuba fan wrote:

Aww, this feature would have been so useful to help remember all those dates for history last year! Looks really good! :)

That's very kind. Do try out the various resource creation tools we have and I am always interested in your feedback.
The subscriber option to collate groups of flash cards or combine quizzes into a big test on a topic I still think is something we are really proud of :)

Posted: 16-12-12 20:52 by Pete Barnes: GR Director

I'm really glad there's a timeline builder now because it helps a lot with my history course, but it is very difficult to use... Every time I click in the events box it deletes the bullet point, or creates a new one, and if I hit backspace it thinks I want to delete the bullet point again. Am I using it wrong?

Posted: 08-01-13 18:32 by Bethan

Hey Bethan,

Sorry to hear your having some issues with the timeline tool. I've sent this on to be looked into in the morning.

I will ensure one of the team comes back to you ASAP

Posted: 08-01-13 19:04 by Pete Barnes: GR Director

Thank you very much :)

Posted: 08-01-13 19:21 by Bethan

Hi Bethan,

We've ben checking the timeline creator and have found some bugs - thanks so much for bringing them to our attention. We're fixing them now.

Posted: 09-01-13 11:22 by Pete Langley - Get Revising founder

Hi again!

We think we've fixed all the points you raised Bethan - plus one or two others we found!

Let us know if it's OK now.

Modified once, last modified by Pete Barnes: GR Director on Wed 9th January, 2013 @ 17:10

Posted: 09-01-13 16:28 by Pete Langley - Get Revising founder

It seems fine now. Thanks for fixing it! :)

Posted: 09-01-13 18:57 by Bethan

No problem - thanks for bringing it to our attention

Posted: 09-01-13 19:05 by Pete Langley - Get Revising founder

Absolutely love them, they're great for both my history and english courses, thanks so much for this :)

Posted: 13-01-13 10:42 by Little Miss Chatterbox

I think a mnemonic creater would also be good resource of revising. Ill look forward to use it if u put it up on this website. :)

Posted: 16-01-13 19:29 by Logan23