Nervous/tense before and during exams

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I always get nervous before/during my AS exams, I find it hard to relax and I feel it affects my overall grade. Is there anyone who feels the same? If so is there any advice to aid this at all?

Posted: 22-05-11 16:06 by Matthew

Yeh feel like that all the time!!!

 if ur nervous before or during an exam it can cause ur brain to like shut down, which aint exactly great... u need to relax before u go in, like work on ur breathing and stuff, always works... Also if u burn some oils like lavender or vanilla when revisin, then put a few drops of that oil onto a tissue and take it into an exam, it usually helps you remember stuff, as well as calm u down. Hope it helps :)

Posted: 22-05-11 16:55 by Shannon D

Thanks! ill give those a try! :) x

Posted: 22-05-11 17:12 by Matthew

I always get so nervous
it makes it worse when people always ask what you wrote for certain answers, then it panics me when i haven't written the same :/
 I find it helps just to like, tell myself that i will be fine & that i know i can do it and stuff (:

Posted: 22-05-11 17:17 by Jess

LOL, hate it when u compare answers and reliase u practically got every answer wrong :L thts why i try to avoid it, aint going too well so far aha

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Posted: 22-05-11 18:17 by Shannon D

Haha, yeahh i hate that
it always makes me panic even more! 

Posted: 22-05-11 18:31 by Jess

yeh but at some point u need to jus forget about the exams u've done, and jus focus on the ones comin... cn't wait till they're all over... jus hope it's all worth it, guess we'll find out on the 25th/8 :/

Posted: 22-05-11 18:37 by Shannon D

Yeah, i cant wait until they are all over either!
Im sure it will be worth it, and we will have done fine (:
yeahh i guess we will :/ 

Posted: 22-05-11 18:41 by Jess

I know how you feel! I've actually been physically sick aswel with constant headache,

but the thing which has put me at rest sorta is that those who get nervous, get stressed or whatever are the ones who do well. Those who couldn't give a toss tend to get a grade on which they could have got better. If you revise well, drink alot(i drink milk alot;P) and just take a break every now and then it shouldn't be 'as bad':}

So yeah, GOOD LUCK! :)

Posted: 25-05-11 20:22 by ANISA **

Something that's supposed to work is tense all your muscles and release them one by one. As you release them imagine the stress and nerves being released with them.

Posted: 26-05-11 20:17 by Nyanda Foday