need to do a presentation...any ideas????

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doin a presentation 4 school...could be on anything....has 2 be no more than 10 minutes...

any ideas...wat shud i do it on???

thnx ^_^

Posted: 16-11-12 16:25 by Waqar Khanny :)

Do it on your favourite sport....

Posted: 16-11-12 16:34 by sharaan

Explain the origins of where the sport is from... How to play it show other things ... How many people can be involved on th pitch... How they collect scores and the positions of the players

Posted: 16-11-12 16:35 by sharaan

yeah i cud do dat...buhh i hav 2 get da class involved...and da gurlz don't lyk footy so datz not gona wrk.....

Posted: 16-11-12 16:37 by Waqar Khanny :)

Oh your doing sports coaching init..?

Posted: 16-11-12 16:38 by sharaan

Yeah I would hate to listen to football. Do it on something that pretty much everyone will like e.g. music or food!

Posted: 16-11-12 16:43 by Joanne

Do dodge ball with a twist...

Posted: 16-11-12 16:44 by sharaan

The twist is the doctor so if you get hit.. You sit down and the doctor of the team had to touch you so your in the game again and the other team have to find out who the doctor is... You do too but you have to make sure the other team don't find out who your doctor is because if they get the doctor gets hit all the team is out...

Posted: 16-11-12 16:48 by sharaan sports..wnt wrk..all da gurls in my class hate anything sporty...

LOL joanne...yeah thinkin music..buhh dnt really knw wat 2 do bout it

Posted: 16-11-12 16:50 by Waqar Khanny :)

Oh cool... But your the teacher so they have to follow what your doing

Posted: 16-11-12 16:51 by sharaan

mine was one a programme i watch

pretty little liars!!! couldnt stop talking lol

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Posted: 16-11-12 16:52 by aliimz

I had a 15 minutes feed back thingy so I had to teach the lesson and get them to play a game because we were all tired and I didnt have the equipment it didn't work but still the teacher was like its okay then I had 1 minute to advertise a pen... Like a tv advert I felt like a liar lool I was saying **** about the pen

Posted: 16-11-12 16:54 by sharaan

lol pen?!?!?!

Posted: 16-11-12 16:55 by aliimz

Yeah... It was bad you know I was there like this is the amazing pen made from flexi plastic and this is number and blagged it so badly that the teacher goes I would buy it

Posted: 16-11-12 16:57 by sharaan

woop! woop! should have gone on dragons den would have gotton bare money 

Posted: 16-11-12 16:59 by aliimz

lol XDD @ sharaan yeah ik i am..buhh im gonna be assessed on it..and i was told dat the presentation has to get every1 involved.....

Posted: 16-11-12 17:04 by Waqar Khanny :)

Do it on chocolate and bring chocolate it - everyone can get involved.

Posted: 16-11-12 17:05 by Joanne

stop talking about chocolate i have bad cravings for it 24/7

Posted: 16-11-12 17:06 by aliimz

lol..ohkayyy wat do i say 4 10 minz about chocolate??

Posted: 16-11-12 17:07 by Waqar Khanny :)

lool aliimz XDD

Posted: 16-11-12 17:07 by Waqar Khanny :)

i do i swear i aint joking


Posted: 16-11-12 17:09 by aliimz

lol..i cant hav 2 much chocolate..i end up feelin siik XDD ik im not normal haha :P

Posted: 16-11-12 17:11 by Waqar Khanny :)

no there is a limit for me 

but im worse i dont eat for weeks and get cravings on a day -->but my mums stops me she thniks ill get diabetic

Posted: 16-11-12 17:13 by aliimz


mum makes me eat..sayzz i need ta go fat..

Posted: 16-11-12 17:18 by Waqar Khanny :)

that was before 

she would get the roti and shove it into my mouth if i didnt eat

but now she is diabetic 

Posted: 16-11-12 17:20 by aliimz