need serious help with velcocity and acceleration.

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anyone have any helpful advice or resources or anything at all on velocity or the aqa additional course? many thanks:)

Posted: 08-04-11 19:29 by Nicola Curtis

try the cgp revision guide it has loads of info on velocity and acceleration

Posted: 08-04-11 21:12 by Rachel


Posted: 09-04-11 19:49 by vignesh

the link above has a powerpoint that i found really useful, although there's a lot of slides, it covers everythin in additional physics including velocity and acceleration, hope u find it useful like i do too :-) **

Posted: 16-04-11 22:37 by Aimee

thank you:) good luck to you all for your exams:)**

Posted: 26-04-11 18:30 by Nicola Curtis