Need help to make an revision timetable.

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Hey guys, I'm priya. Im now in yr 12 and am starting my a-levels. 

I needed help making an efficient timetable which i can use to revise my subjects. 

I an taking Further maths, Chemistry,Physics and biology. I have 6 exams for further maths in June + 3 papers for Chemistry, Physics and Biology. Can someone help me make a revision timetable, which allows me to revise everyday after school starting at 6:30pm (except Saturdays and Sundays) 

All help is much appreciated! Thankyouu ** 

Posted: 18-09-12 23:18 by priya777

what i did was divide up all of my subjects into topics.
I printed a month by month calendar of the internet and colour coordinated all my subjects

I suggest counting how many pages in your text book and seeing how many pages you need to do each day in order to get it done- remember to leave enough time to repeat pages you find difficult all the questions in your exercise books and all the past papers available.

I then planned what i was going to do each day- not how long i was going to spend doing it. 

This meant i knew exactly what needed to be done so could do it without spending hours doing 1 page and convincing myself i had done loads.
It also meant i could do extra revision one day if i wanted to go out the next- just do it early.

Is that what you are looking for, any questions ask:) 

Posted: 19-09-12 00:05 by Alex

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! XD alex i love youu! 

Thankyouuu This really helped :) ive managed to make a gooc timetable now! just gonna motivate myslef to follow it now lool **

Thanks again! x

Posted: 27-09-12 20:54 by priya777