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- How group 1 metals react

- Why reactivity changes down the group

Posted: 10-10-12 17:54 by simran

They form 1+ ions so they form ionic bonds with group 7 elements. The reactivity increases as you go down the group because the outer electron is shielded by the nucleus more so there's less of an attraction force. This means the electron is more easily lost, hope this helps!

Posted: 10-10-12 19:22 by Joanne

Group 1 elements react with non-metals to form ionic compounds.

There are  main reactions you need to know, i'll use lithium for this example...

Lithium + water ------> Lithium hydroxide + Hydrogen

Lithium + oxygen --------> Lithium oxide

Lithium + chlorine -------> Lithium chloride

Metal + Acid -------> salt + water

Posted: 11-10-12 19:52 by sammy

thanks all vry much

Posted: 13-10-12 16:54 by simran