Myosis and Mitosis

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Hello! I was wondering if anyone could help me with this...

I know about the differences between myosis and mitosis, but I'm at a loss as to when cells go through each of this processes... i.e. for what purpose? 

Thanks in advance! 


Posted: 10-04-11 10:12 by Aithne M

Mitosis is just the way that cells divide generally; like if you cut yourself, the skin cells will go through mitosis so that they form new skin.

Meiosis produces gametes (sex cells) like the sperm and the egg in humans. It happens in the sex organs. It produces four daughter cells rather than two like mitosis, each of the four new cells has half the number of chromasomes that the initial cell had, so that when it fertilises with the other sex's cell, they will have the full 46 (23 pairs).

hope this helps you :)


Posted: 10-04-11 17:25 by Ashleigh

Wow, that's brilliant, thanks. So much easier to understand than the confusing explanations I've been getting from my friends :)


Posted: 10-04-11 17:37 by Aithne M

You're welcome, good luck with your exams :))


Posted: 10-04-11 17:38 by Ashleigh

i learned it through youtube :)
Ashleigh has posted some pretty good descriptions but i'll post the videos anyway for anyone else who is still confused :)


Posted: 11-05-11 22:06 by Alex