Music Enthusiasts?

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Hi, I'm half way through my AS year of Music, and I think what all you GCSE people need to think about when choosing it, is that its not all performance and composition, the other side of it is actually really really hard. I'm studying Mozart and Pop music for mine, and you have so many essays to write, and it really is a massive step up from GCSE, just to warn you!!! But that could be the board that I do (AQA). I think that if you made music compulsory, people would just take it as a doss lesson, and the people who actually want to learn, will get held back cause of it, i know in my sisters GCSE class some people didn't even know what a treble cleff was... So yeah :)

Posted: 11-03-11 21:28 by Hannah Allison

I know that music will be hard next year...but I still can't wait!

Posted: 12-03-11 15:10 by Rebecca

music  GCSE -should be made compulsary!

Posted: 22-03-11 11:57 by samuel

music  GCSE -should be made compulsary!

Posted: 22-03-11 11:57 by samuel

music  GCSE -should be made compulsary!

Posted: 22-03-11 11:57 by samuel

Hi guys,

Just thought I'd jump in, I am almost finished with A level music, and it has pretty much made me hate music in general.

It's the hardest thing ever (I get good grades in everything else) and basically now I just never want to have to study it ever again. Just something to think about, because music was my life in secondary school, but now it seems like such a chore.

Don't take it from me though, as I'm only one person :)


Posted: 22-03-11 18:14 by Ele.

I appreciate your comment, Ele; but I'm still going to take it next year (Yr 12)! Still, in the unlikely event of hating it, you can indeed have the pleasure of saying 'I told you so'.

Oh, the GCSE music exam is marching towards us very quickly now...

Good Luck with all your revision!

x :)

Posted: 24-03-11 19:47 by Rebecca

Heyy, I like music too but wouldn't make it compulsory for GCSE because I fail at EVERY element of it. I'm soo tone deaf it's unreal (at least I admit it though and don't go on X Factor thinking I can sing lol) and I used to play guitar but my teacher bailed on me and could never find another so haven't been able to get back into learning it, I can play a bit of piano/keyboard though from when I had lessons when I was like 10. Lol :) x

Posted: 30-03-11 16:49 by Nicole

Hi Nicole. Don't beat yourself up over being tone-deaf... Beethoven was completely deaf when he composed some of his greatest work :)

What exam board are you doing for GCSE?

Posted: 09-04-11 18:14 by Rebecca

Thought I'd say hi. :) I love music, but unfortunately aren't taking it at A-Level. I play trombone in quite a few bands though! Btw, has anyone analysed one of their compositions yet? We have to do it in a couple of weeks and I have no idea what to do!

Posted: 14-04-11 14:59 by Hannah Smith

Yes I have. I just wrote about half a page describing the structure of my piece, and some key features. Look in your AOS and pick out key features. Hopefully you will have incorporated them into your composition, and so just tell the examiner. For example: "My piece is in a Minimalist style, and so I used a 4 note cell and added gradual changes. There are no sudden changes in dynamics, but the key changes from C major to its relative minor, A minor". Something like that. Also, mention why you picked the instruments you did, and why you called your piece what you did. Hope this helps. :)

Why aren't you taking in for A Level? :(

Posted: 14-04-11 20:25 by Rebecca

Because the career I'm aiming for doesn't incorporate music. :( I'm taking Biology, Chemistry, Physics and English Lit. I'll never stop playing my trombone though! :)

And thank you for the help. Our teacher didn't tell us anything!

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Posted: 15-04-11 08:54 by Hannah Smith

I'm taking music AS, doing Mozart's 41st and songs from musicals, and yeah it is hard work, but it's really fun, worth taking!

Posted: 15-04-11 09:27 by Peter Gebbie

Great - can't wait to do AS music now!

How is everybody finding revision for GCSE Edexcel music?


Posted: 15-04-11 14:37 by Rebecca

I think AS music will be difficult but i want to take it to open some doors as i still don't know what i want to do at uni so if i decide to do music i will need A level. Plus it's a chance to do something creative in sixth form as all my other subjects are academic.

Can't wait to do it though coz GCSE has introduced me to loads of good music.

GCSE revision is going OK, there's just so much to learn!

Posted: 24-04-11 16:47 by Katie W

And i agree with Will, music shouldn't be complusory otherwise people like us who care about it will be stuck with people who just mess about and i probably wouldn't enjoy it as much as i do. I know that music in KS3 was awful because no one in my class wanted to be there but they had to. There was only a couple of us who really cared.

I do wish young people would appreciate real music though and i don't think enough people our age are encouraged to play an instrument. A lot of people think it's uncool to be involved in orchestras and stuff because they've never had the chance to experience it.

Posted: 24-04-11 16:51 by Katie W

You can't make GCSE Music compulsory bcoz not everyone has the same talent and apreccietion for it . I love music bcoz only 5 people take it so we canmess about at the same time but if it was compulsory it just wouldn't b the same.

Anyways music isn't essential to living but stuff like maths is.

in terms of revision its okay but there's soooo much to remember and then in the exam their not even going to ask u half of it but you can't afford to not revise something.

Posted: 24-04-11 18:34 by Pui Pui

I agree with you Katie, more young people should be encouraged to play an instrument. I play in both brass and wind bands, and although the wind band is doing well, there are two young people in my brass band, out of more than 30.

It'd be a real shame if the brass bands and similar bands died out from lack of interest.

Posted: 25-04-11 14:14 by Hannah Smith

I do reckon more people should learn to play an instrument and join would make music seem 'cool' again!


Posted: 25-04-11 14:21 by Rebecca

I LOVE music, so the best subject and helps you with maths too because its logical. Im working towards grade 7 cornet and dabble in piano, voice and guitar. Unfortunately I'm the only one in my class who loves music because our teacher isn't great and is really demanding that you go to every band or choir that's on not taking into account other subjects :/ It also means that people don't want to take it for GCSE which sucks :( I also don't think it should be compulsory because there'll be people who hate it and ruin it for the rest :D

Posted: 02-05-11 11:03 by Polly Boyles

Jw.... is anyone here doing AQA GCSE Music?? :/ x

Posted: 10-05-11 00:26 by Laura

I'm doing AS level music now and looking back the GCSE course was shocking, I think it should be structured more like the A level with more theory based stuff, it would be much more useful. I don't think anything from the GCSE course actually helped me this year.

Posted: 18-05-11 10:46 by Beth Haworth

Hey did anyone take the edexcel music GCSE on tuesday? Join my discussion group and let me know how it went :) Katie ***

Posted: 18-05-11 16:41 by Katie W

I don't think Music GCSE 4 everyone would be good. Just because everyone was doing it, everyone would think they were gr8, but they're not. It's a subject you do if you like or mess around in if you hate!

I do music for GCSE and it's over YAY!!! I'm bad at the theory.... :)

Posted: 21-05-11 16:34 by Emma

I play violin mainly, working on grade 7!

Posted: 16-02-12 14:14 by Hannah