Music Enthusiasts?

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Anybody else find music brilliant?

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Posted: 14-01-11 20:51 by Rebecca

yehhh totally agree....... well dont for ur grade 6 piano!! that is exelent, i am working towards my grade 6 piano, and i have just done grade 5 singing (distinction) and flute (pass) 

music is my life..... 

Posted: 23-01-11 20:09 by Emma Acton

Oooh, you are very musical, flute, voice and piano...great! Good luck with your Grade 6. Are you doing/ have done GCSE music?

music is my life too....

Posted: 25-01-11 18:48 by Rebecca

i luuuurrrvve music! I'm in yr9 at the mo and i will take it for GCSE (definately!)

I am grade 5 singing, grade 5 violin, grade 2 piano and around grade 1 on guitar.

Anyone who dosen't love music is weird! :)

Posted: 26-01-11 20:26 by Hazza

I totally agree. In Year 11 at the mo, definately doing it for A-Level...can't wait!


Posted: 27-01-11 19:00 by Rebecca

I totally agree! Well done for your piano exam, i am doing my grade 7 violin soon and i'm currently doing GCSE music. Can't wait to do it for A level. I don't think there is enough encouragement for people to start playing instruments, people don't realise how great it is :)

Posted: 21-02-11 12:01 by Katie W

I do think there should be more encouragement; it is sooo fun. I seriously can't wait to do A level music...I'm in Yr 11 now so it isn't too long! Are you thinking of going into music as a career?


Posted: 22-02-11 11:11 by Rebecca

Possibly, I want to go into teaching but I would consider teaching music in primary or secondary schools. I definitely want to incorporate music somewhere into my teaching career... what about you?

I'm in year 11 too, currently revising for my listening exam. What exam board are you doing? :)

Posted: 22-02-11 11:54 by Katie W

Go music! I'm a viola player.. that's right a viola player not a violinist! I also sing and play the piano. I'm in year 11 too and can't wait to take music next year. However not looking forward to the listening exam... who does edexcel? 

Posted: 22-02-11 14:58 by Unknown

Go music! I'm a viola player.. that's right a viola player not a violinist! I also sing and play the piano. I'm in year 11 too and can't wait to take music next year. However not looking forward to the listening exam... who does edexcel? 

Posted: 22-02-11 14:58 by Unknown

Same. I did my music performance last year and have nearly finished my compositions but the listening is soo hard. There is so much to learn about the indian music! Which piece is your favourite? I like Grace and The skye waulking song. I also want to teach music and/or french and italian.

Posted: 23-02-11 09:15 by Unknown

Yes, Grace is pretty cool, one of our teachers played it on guitar for us and it was really cool. I think probably the Mozart one is a fave, or maybe the Miles Davis one. I'm not a lover of the minimalism one, or the Indian one though. Next year we just do 3 classical pieces and 3 Miles Davis pieces, which I really like. Can't wait!! XD

What are your compositions like?

Posted: 23-02-11 11:26 by Rebecca

I'm doing edexcel too. There's so much to learn! I love Grace and the Capercaillie one. I've literally just finished my compositions and have one more performance to do. It is a lot more stressful than i thought it would be! I put up with it though coz i love it so much! :D

Posted: 23-02-11 12:34 by Katie W

Good luck with your performance!! Yes there is soo much to learn. I have my  mock soon and have written tonnes of revision cards. I also really like Peripetie although it is a bit wacky!It's the hardest subject for me but like you i love it! I just need to put final touches on my compositions. We did a ground bass and a song from a musical. What did you do?

Posted: 23-02-11 16:54 by Unknown

I did 2 compositions... one Rondo form with piano and flute, and a minimalism with 2 guitars and an electric guitar. I know self-praise is no praise, but they are pretty good! What is the song from a musical like?

Posted: 25-02-11 10:14 by Rebecca

I did an african xylophone piece and a ternary piece for violin which i still need to record. I'm so relieved i've nearly finished my coursework! I have made a revision powerpoint for Baroque music if anyone's interested. Have a look at it and let me know what you think so i can improve it! ;)

Posted: 25-02-11 14:28 by Katie W

I love your revision powerpoint ;)

Tell me about your african xylophone piece...sounds v.interesting!


Posted: 25-02-11 19:03 by Rebecca

You cant honestly say that you like the 'peripetie' piece though can you? :)

Posted: 25-02-11 23:23 by Sam

I think you can honestly say that you like the 'peripetie' piece. :) I love listening to different styles of music, and not just the classical pieces. It is rather wacky though! Sam, which is your favourite piece? Mine is the Mozart Symphony No.40 in G minor.

Posted: 26-02-11 18:52 by Rebecca

I think the electric counterpoint is pretty good, but then thats probably just because i play guitar 

Posted: 26-02-11 21:02 by Sam

Yeah, that one is pretty cool. I'm not a lover of the Moby one.

When are you guys going to start revising for the summer exams?

Posted: 27-02-11 12:32 by Rebecca

Thank you! My xylophone piece is basically just 4 ostinatos and then i did some call and response and improvistation bits. It ended up being over 3 mins long! Which is quite good coz it meant that my second composition didn't have to be too long.

I have started revising a bit but will probs start properly when i have done my science modules next week which i am currently revising for.

Posted: 27-02-11 14:52 by Katie W

Brill Idea putting in a bit of Call and Response.

Oh, science modules! I really really don't like science modules! I have 3 more in May. Pffff.

I did a bit of revision over half-term but I will do start doing some properly in about mid-march. Gulp.

Posted: 27-02-11 16:42 by Rebecca

Hey, im studying AS Level music currently and it is prety sweet. We just finished our composition and we are preparing to perform them. I did a jazz piece with Piano, Clarinet, Trumpet, Drum Kit and Bass guitar. I play the Piano (Grade 6) Guitar, Bass, Drums and Clarinet (Grade 3). I dont think GCSE Music should be for compulsory though because then it eventually would be like maths because you HAVE to do it. Just my opinion :) Good luck to everyone!!

Posted: 09-03-11 12:22 by Will

Hi Will,

Yes I suppose music shouldn't be compulsory when you put it like that, but I just wish that people (esp young people our age) would appreciate real music and not just harp on about what is in the charts!

I cannot wait to do AS music!


Posted: 10-03-11 19:41 by Rebecca