Music AS next year??

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Hey everybody just thought I'd get a little discussion going!! I am grade 8 Flute and grade 7 Piano and I can't wait to do music next year although it has involved me having to move schools for sixth form as my school don't run A Level music anymore as only 2 people wanted to do it :( Are you looking forward to music next year?? Any musical plans over the Summer?? :)

Posted: 27-05-12 15:24 by Hayley

That's a shame. I can't see why more people don't do in though you do have to love music to enjoy it! I've just done as music, it is difficult but it is great fun and I am looking forword to next year. I don't have any plans for the summer because I'm away all of July, I keep on finding out about concerts that I really want to play/ watch that I know I can't make. Last year I was in the music for youth festival in Brimingham with my youth orchestra and I went to a piano featival which was great fun. :)

Posted: 30-05-12 22:13 by Oliver

Yeah I'm doing AS music next year but there's only 2 of us doing it at my school! I'm working towards by grade 8 clarinet and grade 7 piano. And this summer I'm singing at the BBC Proms as part of the BBC Proms Youth Choir :D should be good :) what are your thoughts on music at university/music college etc.? x

Posted: 01-06-12 12:45 by Former Member

Wow Oliver and Sophie that sounds great!! Don't think I will go on to do music at uni but I definitely want to have music as a part of my life when I'm older something like teaching the flute or piano! I am grade 8 flute and grade 7 piano so we are kind of similar!! :p 2 people wanted to do it at my school as well but they wouldn't run it so you are lucky!! :)

Posted: 01-06-12 12:49 by Hayley

Yeah I'm not sure about music at uni... I'm im doing maths, futher maths, physics, geography and music next year but I don't really have a clue about what I want to do at university :/ I guess that it's just really hard to get into music and be successful and for it to be worthwhile :O and indeed we are similar :P

Posted: 01-06-12 12:57 by Former Member

I'm thinking I might do music at uni because I love it so much and I'd love to spend another 3 years studying it. I'm not too sure about music college because I don't think I'm good enough at performing. I'm also thinking about possibly doing sound engineering because I also do physics and maths so I'm thinking I might be able to do something with those. I'm really lucky because there's only three in my class but they're still running it. It's good fun and we all learn off each other because we're all good at different things! :)

Posted: 02-06-12 13:10 by Oliver

I am. I got an A for GCSE! I did AQA.

Posted: 24-08-12 16:15 by Hannah

hey well done hannah! i also got an a for music gcse but i did the edexcel emamination board!! :) 

Posted: 24-08-12 16:19 by Hayley