Most important things to know when it comes to exams!

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urm History on Tuesday :/, whats stats?? and you?

Posted: 01-06-11 08:46 by Sara

same! i am so nervous:S stats is statistics which is the last exam on the 27th of june which our school made us do:( it's so hard and i'm definetly godnna fail! oh and btw for the History source paper Florence Nightingale is coming up so we really need to know about her:L **

Posted: 01-06-11 11:45 by Maddy

Thanks but how do you know Florence Nightingale is gonna come up!?!? and all we learnt about her this year was her impact on hospital cleaniness - is that all we need to learn? :) btw are you with edexcel  

Posted: 01-06-11 12:40 by Sara

I'm doing some RE, maths, Geog and Science :) **

Lol at the previous comments (even though it wasn't funny for you lot) :P **

Posted: 01-06-11 13:15 by Emma

I've never fallen asleep in class!!!!!!! XD lol

Posted: 01-06-11 13:15 by Emma

I havent too, but I have on the coach to a school trip next to a teacher!! :)

Posted: 01-06-11 13:16 by Sara

haha yeah:) yeah im pretty sure i am, do you have 2 exams one next tuesday then one the tuesday after? well our history teacher found out after she went to this history teacher meeting thing, only 4 teachers from the country got to go, and she found out there. if you had florence nightingale in ur mocks we are the same board cause i did:D

oh yeah i've got maths too, im gonna fail though:S **

Posted: 01-06-11 13:25 by Maddy

yeah, I have an exam on the 7th then one on the 14th :) and wow, lucky teacher! and i didnt have florence nightingale in the mock, but that may be because we done a different mock? but we are the same exam i think cause our exams are on the same day...:)

Posted: 01-06-11 13:29 by Sara

I don't do history.. so yeah!! XD lol

Posted: 01-06-11 13:33 by Emma

cool:) lucky you it is so hard! actually i take that back you do geography:) my friends say they regret choosing that:L do u have maths next monday? **

Posted: 01-06-11 18:37 by Maddy

This mon coming up!! D: ahhhh!! lol, noo i'll be fine I'm sure... :P lol

I don't regret Geog!! I LOVE IT!!! :D

Posted: 04-06-11 13:51 by Emma

.... This discussion's almost a year old... But the revision tips are really useful for I thought i'd bring it back up :D


Posted: 14-05-12 13:11 by Fyzah :p

great tips here, thanks :)

Posted: 06-07-12 17:24 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

Also another points which hasn't been metioned yet is DON'T drink energy drinks but having a breakfast consisting of a lot of carbs.

Posted: 07-09-12 21:11 by Aspiring Medic