Most important things to know when it comes to exams!

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Hi! Im going to tell you the most important things to know when your heading of to some exams! whether they are big or small exams it doesnt make a difference every exam is important!

  1. Before you set off to school have a nice filling breakfast and a big drink to keep you hydrated during your exam.
  2. If you can when you get to school have a quick re-cap on a few things that you might be a bit unsure about (make sure when you are revising dont over do it take some breaks as it isnt good for your health)
  3. when you are entering an exam you MUST stay calm and don't  panick as you will start to have a mini break down and this might lead t you making yourself ill or forgetting your revision work and we wouldnt want that after all your hard work!!
  4. Think positivley. you can do it!!
  5. And finally don't ever doubt yourself, if you have tried your hardest then nobodyy can ask for anything more from you!

I hope my tips help you !!! thank you for reading and good luck for any soon coming exams!! :) Jodie

Posted: 19-05-11 20:43 by Jodie :)

Cool, those are actually pree. good tips :)

Any1 got any tips for keeping un-stressed when going in the exam???? :) x

Posted: 21-05-11 14:43 by Emma

Breath in though your nose 3 seconds hold 3 secounds and breath out though mouth 3 seconds hold 3 secound..... hope that helps!

Posted: 21-05-11 17:30 by Jasmine

Cool :) Thanks, I'll try it tomorrow XD

Posted: 23-05-11 18:41 by Emma

Emma wrote:

Cool :) Thanks, I'll try it tomorrow XD

Why, have you got an exam tomorrow??  :) x

Posted: 23-05-11 19:35 by Sara

its english lit tomorrow for gcse students :) x

Posted: 23-05-11 19:39 by Edward Pinches

Ahh, unlucky :) I have a physics exam on wednesday :( and then another exam on friday!! Anyway, good luck and hope you do well :) x

Posted: 23-05-11 19:42 by Sara

hating exam atm got one evry day this week :( same good luck hope you do well! :) x

Posted: 23-05-11 19:49 by Edward Pinches

I'm gonna have to do like exams every day of the week in like June - I just cant wait till the holidays where I dont have to revise!!

Posted: 23-05-11 19:51 by Sara

Aww i had one every day last week, it was torture! But if u have one in the afternoon don't revise that morning because you then become confused when u sit down to do your exam. Good luck :)

Posted: 23-05-11 19:54 by Jill Nesbitt

Ahh, I dont really do heavy revision on exam days anyway cuase it never sticks in my head cause I'm nervous and plus it all goes to waste cause its not long term memory!! And thanks and good luck to you too! :D

Posted: 23-05-11 19:57 by Sara

It went okay peops, I got really stressed before, and went all shaky and wierd. Once i started writing I was okay though!! :D

I have no more exams this week, day off Friday!! :) Also, If i have an exam, I only have 1 per day so its all good XD

Good luck to you both :) **

Posted: 24-05-11 21:22 by Emma

I hope I dont do that, I have an exam today like in 2 hours and I'm really scarred. I'm just scared that I'll get like a really high mark Q. and not understand it :/ !! Anyway, well done!!! :) x

Posted: 25-05-11 07:47 by Sara

Thanks, I'm sure you'll do fine, just don't stress urself out too much!! :) You'll do brill

If you want, I'll tell you a spell for exam success XD

Posted: 25-05-11 20:47 by Emma

A spell ?? Like 'abbracadra and you'll get an A* for your exam!! '' Lol please do.... :) hehe

Posted: 25-05-11 20:48 by Sara

No!! It goes like this.. (don't say the 1st bit!!)

The night b4 an exam....

Sit in a quiet place and close your eyes. Imagine you are in the exam hall / room feeling really calm. When you are ready say this 3 times...

My skills are good, my knowledge great, the results I make are mine to take XD Then take a lovely lavender bath!! It was in a magazine (I skip the bath bit tbh!!)

Ohh btw, sorry It took me ages to reply!!! ** :)

Posted: 30-05-11 13:08 by Emma

Lol, I will try that - and yeah i'd skip the bath bit too! Baths are too much of a hassel, I prefer a quick shower instead lol :) and thanks !! :) x

Posted: 30-05-11 15:29 by Sara

lol same!! :) I prefer a nice shower, and revising geog waterfalls whilst doing that (poster in shower!!) lol

Thats okay, hope it works - i certainly do as I did it quite a few times... lol!!

Posted: 30-05-11 17:22 by Emma

Don't dring an energy drink that morning! I once did that and for the first half of the exam i whizzed through, then i crashed and ended up falling asleep! :O **

Posted: 31-05-11 17:53 by Maddy

Ohh :( lol!! Pretty funny, but I wont!! lol

Posted: 31-05-11 18:24 by Emma

haha yeah ur sensible unlike i was:L **

Posted: 31-05-11 19:03 by Maddy

Lol, you fell asleep in the exam?! I was doing this exam and the seat was very uncomfortable and my skirt was getting like tied up and like crumply so I stood up to pat myslef down and to sort out my skirt but my chair made so much noise and it hit this girls table behind me .. lol ooops :D x

Posted: 31-05-11 19:13 by Sara

lol that sounds embarrasing! well, at least you didn't dribble on the sheet while asleep and the teacher pointed it out! worst day of my life! ***

Posted: 31-05-11 21:12 by Maddy

lol, did the teacher try to wake you?! Lol that would be funny, I wish I was sitting next to you in that exam - That wouldve brightened up the test!!

Posted: 31-05-11 21:14 by Sara

No she didn't! afterwards she said it was my own fault and that she wasn;t responsible! haha yeah it probably would:)  are u doing history or re or stats after half term? **

Posted: 01-06-11 07:57 by Maddy