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Here I thought we could discuss this years case study.

Posted: 26-04-13 10:47 by Patrick

I will start. Tony is very autocratic, his business has very high wastage levels and this may be because of his reluctance to empower his employees in any way, due to his autocratic leadership style. There is likely to be a question on this.

To improve his wastage levels he could use quality circles or quality assurance. At the moment he is likely to be using quality control we can tell this because of the high reject rates.


Posted: 26-04-13 10:52 by Patrick

The case study talks alot about the lack of market research that Tony and Lewis were unable to identify before consulting the 4 supervisors, it also talks alot about motivation of the workforce as Tony views the workers as just wanting their pay packet at the end of the day and this is it :)
do you have any idea of what other things may pop up in the exam? :)  

Posted: 17-05-13 22:30 by Stephanie Levins

I think that Tony's leadership style has brought the company down even though, in a financial situation, autocratic leadership is needed to make quick decisions to get out of trouble hence the addition of the new products. If they're trying to market them "on the cheap" they should consider below the line promotion and really identify their target market as the products with their prices seem as if their target market involves people who are garden enthusiasts or those with a high-ish disposable income or both. I think they should target large businesses who may have large swanky complexes or higher level schools/unis. To be honest, they need to change the structure of the business as they have no departments such as Marketing, Sales, Customer Service etc. as they end up relying on Bex to do other jobs (possible empowerment/enlargement) 

Posted: 02-06-13 17:09 by Kris