The transformation of surgery (19th Century) - EXAM:7thJUNE

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I'm sure you have done fine! Ahh i have medicine and treatment on tuesday, and have not really had much time to revise as i have a geography exam tomorrow and religion exam on tuesday too! :P Ah well, good luck too! :) x

Posted: 12-06-11 14:52 by Izzy

i have a religion exam on tuesday and the medicine and treatment exam on tuesday too! Hahaa :) x

Posted: 12-06-11 14:54 by Sara

It was bad i knew everything i needed but didnt have enough time to finish the last question. :( Hope tomorrow goes alright though.

Good luck!!! everyone 

Posted: 13-06-11 17:38 by Ebenezer

Thanks ! and you too :)

Posted: 13-06-11 17:47 by Sara