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If anyone has anything else they want to add to this, please go ahead! :)

So the live chat is really kicking off which is awesome! :D Of course this means that there are more people on live chat needing attention. You’re all doing a great job and the Get Revising chat is really lovely! :)

We’ve had some reports coming through to the support email account and twitter about users being banned.

We really only want to be banning people as an absolute last resort. There’s going to be some changes to the way the warning system works to make things easier. But here’s some really good advice on dealing with user behaviour. (You can copy and paste these responses if you like or you can just say something similar.) I'll post this in the Team GR Study Group, too. 

Going off- Topic:

Going off topic is a natural thing to happen, so we don’t want to come down harshly on people for this.

Sometimes, if you see a conversation in the chat going off topic you can just say something like: ‘Hey everyone, how’s your revision going?’ or ‘When is your exam?’ This can be enough to get everyone’s focus back on topic in a friendly way without having to tell anyone off.

If they continue being off topic, it’s best to direct them to the Welcome to Get Revising room in a friendly way:

‘Hey, let’s stick to the topic of [whatever] so that people can concentrate on their revision. If you want to chat, you can head over to Welcome to Get Revising

We shouldn't ban them unless they are being persistently disruptive - once they've got the message we can un-ban them again. :)


If someone uses the swear filter once we can let it slide. It’s only when it becomes excessive that we need to step in. A friendly reminder like this usually works:

‘Hey, let’s keep the language clean for the people trying to revise.’

If they continue using the swear filter after several warnings and it’s becoming hugely disruptive then we can ban them, but it should be only as a last resort.

Arguing/being abusive:

This is the situation where we should be a bit more strict, although we should always be friendly! (Firm but nice!) If people are having a spat, you could jump in with something like:

‘Hey, let’s keep it friendly in here so that people can concentrate on their revision.’

If they persist in being offensive and abusive, then we need to ban them. 

Most of the time it’s up to you to make a judgement call about what’s the right action to take. But being friendly and helpful works best. :) 

It can be difficult sometimes, but it’s really important to not take anything a user says personally and not to get angry with anyone. Being super welcoming is a really effective way of getting people to behave appropriately, but more importantly that’s what we want the live chat to be. As mods we’re setting the tone and acting as an example of how to behave on Get Revising.

Whew! Sorry for this long message! Thanks for all your hard work, you guys are doing a really awesome job. :)

Peace out,


Posted: 22-05-14 15:13 by Puddles the Monkey